Monday, August 20, 2007

Drought Buster


As I have written, we have had a very dry summer, and for the most part, what rain we've had in the area has been north....this latest "gully washer" is no exception. Most of the rain, and it has been heavy, has went north...we have had a couple of strong storms this morning, but nothing so far like the guys in Nappanee(where we deliver the RVs out of) or even Rootstown, Ohio(where I am scheduled to pick up a RV for repair). Multiple inches in most locations north and northwest.

Brings me to the point, I contacted the owner, and we've decided to delay the pick up and return of his RV until Wednesday at least....not opposed to driving RVs in the rain, but the roads and Hoosier's parking lot are under a bit of delayed it is.

Greenville this morning, again tomorrow...will pick up Sam in Van Wert tomorrow evening, and drag him with me to Rootstown and Nappanee to pick up his car at the Indiana site on Wednesday.

Patricia back to school, Anissa back part-time to the Cheryl Ann Workshop, she will split her days....seems to work best for her if she is not at one task too long....part of the multi handicapped world that none of us can figure out.

45 years ago

_____________"Where were you in 62?" As the poster line from the movie American Graffiti asks....I can't remember exactly what I was doing the last days before beginning my 8th grade classes at Venice(FL) Jr High, but I know our time as residents in south Florida were coming to an end. We would pack up our belonging, rent out our house at 328 School Street, and head for the unknown in Celina, Ohio. I could not foresee what it would be like to pick up and leave the home and friends I had known for my school years to that time and move back north to Ohio, a place I was born, had relatives, but really never knew. Mike was in his Junior year, that really had to suck, Marty was in 5th, Kelly just a newborn...

After the experience of moving to Celina and having to adjust, I swore if I had kids, I would not pick up and move them during the middle of school..especially High School....and I stuck to that promise to myself....whether they appreciated that is not was important to me.
photo: Looking out my front porch about 20 minutes ago, at the welcome rain.


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Sarge Charlie said...

In 62 I was stationed at Camp King in Oberursel Germany with the 513 MI Gp