Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis/Ft Wayne


Back from a Hot Day at the Fort Wayne Wizards game...not much breeze and about 95....Patricia and I only stayed until the 7th....Wizards were up 2-1 when we left and that was the final. Cory Luebke, the local kid from Maria Stein, pitched last night, getting no decision, but pitching well after a shaky first inning, in which he gave up 3 runs.

Speaking of baseball, our annual get together in Minnesota was planned for this weekend...after the disaster of the I 35 Bridge we had second thoughts, but have decided to go ahead and take off for the Twin Cities in the AM......a mess, and a tragedy for sure....God bless those people and their families involved in this.

Will be the last entry until at least Sunday night when I get computer viewing when on vacation.....just won't do it.

41 years ago
______________Decisions, decisions, 1966 got a job offer from Marsh Supermarkets to be a carry-out boy...only other job I had ever had was back in Venice, delivering the Sarasota News....the decision more likely sit the bench) football my senior year at Celina, or make some money, so I can buy a car. Being a 5' 8" 130 lb defensive back 2nd or 3rd stringer made the decision easy....I was forgoing my football life and sacking groceries.

Met my best man Rick Person there and a few other life long friends, Paul Andrews, and more. The decision was the right one...had a 62 Falcon by late fall, and never looked back on the senior year(we finished 8-2 after going 9-0-1 the 65 season) with any regrets....I was a late grower anyway, finally hitting 5' 11" and 185 when I was shipped off to Vietnam. The Marsh gig lasted only until my graduation was secure, and then I took an assembly job at the Huffy Bike plant, where I would work until June of 68 when I joined the Air Force, and then work a year or so until after my discharge. I decided that factory work would not be my life's quest....but Marsh Supermarkets got me started, 41 years ago this month.


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