Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis has left the building


Hot and humid, got the scrimmage in before noon today...did the 1 1/2 hours by myself, let the coaches call their own penalties....Celina(freshman) and Bellefountaine each scored once....even though I did not over extend myself, I did pour out the sweat. Games start next week...Jr High game at Lima Perry next Thursday, JV contest at Celina vs Lima Senior next Saturday morning, Legs held up, but did manage to get my right ankle stepped on and the swelling is still there...but all-in-all, I survived.

Sam will head for Nappanee tomorrow to pick up his south Georgia run....Patricia starts school next Monday, the kids start Tuesday.

30 Years ago today

_______________Where were you(if alive) when you heard the news that Elvis had assumed room temperature? I remember Patricia and I had just returned from checking out Wausau, Wisconsin, as a place to take up residence. We had arrived back at Bill and Bev's in Oconomowoc, and the TV flashed the News that Elvis had been found dead.

I like his music, and even some of those Corny movies, but was never a great fan or worshipper of "The King"...but when he died, from his own over excessive life style, the ending of an era was upon us. Music would never been the same...Disco was in full force(2nd worse music of all time) and then the disease know as Rap, Hip Hop, or as I call it, "Total Crap" would come into anybody with a brain or soul can listen to today's inner city garbage is beyond me(of course take one look at those playing that junk as they drive by in their cars, no brains, no souls). Thank God even my kids, who have minds of their own, laugh and shake their heads at the garbage known as Rap.

The King, Elvis Presley left the building, 30 years ago today...August 16, 1977.


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