Wednesday, August 1, 2007



The last full month of summer begins, high around 93 with the humidity on the rise and no rain in the forecast. May try to get out and mow the lawn today....the hip/right leg pain is still there, bothered me while sleeping last night, but figure, I might as well move around, could be worse, could be like Mike, on crutches with no relief in sight for his leg problems...guess I should feel lucky at 58...I can move around as well as I do...especially considering the back problems I had for a 6-7 year stretch back in the late 80s and early 90s.

Tomorrow Patricia and I will head to Ft Wayne and take in the Class A Wizards game...Friday, I still plan on heading to Minnesota with Nick, and take in the Indians-Twins weekend games, with Olson.

Heard from both Sam and Hal yesterday, Sam was in Missouri, heading west to Burbank...Hal was leaving DC for New Jersey, then if all goes well, they will drop a load off in NJ, and head back towards Dayton.

27 years ago

_____________August 1st 1980, We had just moved back to Celina from Dodge City....Patricia, Anissa, and me. Not sure Pat was real pleased, she had a nice job at the Dodge City Hospital working in social News Director at KGNO/KDCK Radio, I continued to try to move up as fast as possible...fact was, I was bored, had went from Wausau, Merrill, Wisconsin, to Kokomo, Indiana, then on to Kansas, all in a matter of 18 months...7 months into my Dodge gig, I knew, western Kansas was not where I wanted to be. Celina beckoned, not that I ever felt Celina was "home"...I may have graduated from Celina High, had lived there except for my Air Force years, and a stretch in upstate New York, for the past 17 years...but Celina was not my favorite place, still isn't today, and I've lived here off and on for the past 45 years....and here I will remain, without regrets, probably until the day I check out.

Broadcasting, especially radio, back in the 70s and 80s was a nomadic life, to make it big, you had to keep moving, if you didn't move, you got stuck in a rut,and you starved, salary wise. Looking back, broadcasting was a nasty business, even though I remained in it until 2003, the last 20 years doing part-time news and sports. My final full-time stop in broadcasting was back "home" in Celina at WCSM, where I took on the morning gig on August 4th...after being in news the previous two jobs(Kokomo and Dodge City), being a morning DJ, the prime announcer was a bit of a challenge, I also got to pick up extra bucks doing sports play-by-play(I was named Program Director 6 months into my WCSM tenure)....I managed to put my outspoken right wing independent mouth to work in both the morning show and in my sports for the next 2 1/2 years...never made much money, but I did have fun, despite the nasty business of small market radio, and the cheap conniving souls who run it. Radio and small market cable TV were a large part of my life for 25 years...I still get feelers from broadcasters and broadcast wannabees today....but I have no reason to get back into that rat race at 58.


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