Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Air Force years...Hot and Cold


Finally cooled off, got Mike to the VA in Columbus and back...he got to see his newest granddaughter and oldest daughter Lori(a nurse herself, so she can help consult on his Health questions).

Football(Jr High game at Wayne Trace)...tonight, little cooler, but the rain is gone....the change to fall is beginning, some leaves changing and even falling off some trees.

Hey! Not much going on...........

Speaking of weather changes

The weather I experience in the Air Force ran the, dry, wet, cold, snow, blizzards, humid.....

Started out in late June(1968) at Amarillo, and dry for the 7 San Antonio for the next 6 or 7 weeks it was hot, humid, and wet. Dover, Delaware, nice fall, windy, wet, and some snow for the winter...back to Lackland(San Antonio), hot, hot, hot(June 1969)...Nha Trang from early July 1969 through December and humid, but missed the Monsoons. Post Christmas in Saigon(Tan Son Nhut) until June 29,, some wet, and did get to enjoy the Monsoons...then onto the lovely Rome, New York....August 1970 was nice....but that was it. I think we actually had measurable snow in June of 1971...the first winter(70-71) we saw over 300 inches at the base.

The good news was, I learned how to Snow Ski, and I learned how to cliff dive(from 50 cliffs) in the short base was great, on base "humping" those B-52s and KC-135s in January was not exactly sweet duty.
But, I did see, and experience it all(weather and otherwise) during my 4 year stint.


{photos: Basic Training at HOT Amarillo 7/68...French Bunker @ Nha Trang HOT 9/ at WARM Waikiki, Hawaii April 1970...The Tan Son Nhut Monsoons...May 1970...My 1970 Charger BURIED in Janauary 1971 at Rome, New York.}


Mushy said...

There was an old French bunker that sat out in a rice paddy near the air base at DaNang. However, we never used it, but it sure made a spooky picture sitting out there. You could almost hear the voices of other wars out there at night.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

That beach shot is beautiful. Where was that? I'm guessing 'Nam.

pat houseworth said...

FHB...actually that is Hawaii on my R&R....several of us single guys(Hawaii was usually for the married guys to meet their wives on R&R) decided we wanted to go "home" or at least to the states...had a great time.

My base at Nha Trang at a beautiful beach...will drop some photos of that later.