Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Family Genealogy


Winding down from my double trip to Hershey, PA, over the Labor Day weekend....the dispatcher from the transporter company called me this morning at 8 and asked me to take another, the one "A Fuel Friendly Small Diesel"...well the profit would have been better, but with football and a couple of fill-in days at Greenville(tomorrow and Friday), I had to turn him down....probably wouldn't have taken it anyway...but said I could run one from Nappanee to Richmond, Indiana, on Friday if needed.....I can do 6 hours total drive time(home to Nappanee to Richmond, then back home) for a couple hundred bucks as a favor, which they actually owe me.

As I mentioned Greenville for a couple of hours the next 2 mornings, filling in...back to regular Monday-Tuesday for next week....Football at Waynefield tomorrow afternoon....meanwhile the heat continues...back up to 90+ this afternoon....I have a feeling, when this comes to and end, it will come with a bang.

Sam called from Julesburg, Colorado, this morning...Julesburg is a fuel stop on the way west before you reach Denver and the Rockies....hard to find on a map, but Julesberg is in the extreme northeast corner of Colorado on I-76, just 2 miles from the Nebraska line. That is how far he made it from the western Chicago bergs after leaving around 8 yesterday morning....well over 800 miles, with 1050 to go he should make it to San Bernardino in plenty of time to catch is 9PM flight tomorrow...but traffic and durability of the RV is always a concern.

Not much change in Jack the Airedale....not eating well at all, but drinking water..the heat doesn't help, but he seems to be resigned to his fate, whatever that may be, he is not suffering and comes up when Reagan his 9 year old daughter and I go out to the back yard.

January 1999

_____________Really never knew much about the Houseworth family's "Roots" grandmother and Sam Houseworth, my grandfather were divorced 10 years or so before Sam died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in September 1928, a full 20 years before I was born. The family revolved around my grandmother's Waldron family, in the town of Scott, Ohio, so nobody really knew much about the history of the Houseworth's in America. After the death of the last surviving sibling of my Dad's...Aunt Eva Anspach...I decided to find my "roots"...kind of like closing the barn door, but begin I did.
Thanks to a couple of internet "cousins" who had some knowledge of Houseworth history I began.....that quest continues today...however by 2002 I had found a treasure of history, and put in it book form for other Houseworth cousins who were interested in family genealogy.

I have now begin to put that book to blog and have started up:

I will add pages/documents/photos as I get time....and I will use the blog to update with new material as I come across it.

One warning before you start any genealogy project...make sure of your facts and be prepared to unearth all kinds of skeletons...I did, and I can tell you for sure, Family Genealogy is more interesting than any work of fiction you can come across....every family has skeletons in it's past, and a cast of caricatures that are out of this world.

Nothing much there yet, but I will start adding pages today, and as I get time.


My Grandfather Sam Houseworth(1887-1928) top, second from left, and 7 of his siblings(there were 11 total, 10 lived to adulthood)...

top Alva Newton, Samuel Lawernce, Alonzo, and Elmer Houseworth
bottom: Mary, Della, Elva, and Cora
photo taken about 1900


GUYK said...

Yep. And part of the fun is trying to find the closet those bones are buried in.

Most of the families of old hid what they were ashamed of and unless a kid was old enough to remeber was never told about the Uncle who wuz hung for being a horse thief or that another Uncle was a woods colt and that a favorite aunt's husband wasn't really killed in the war..she never had one..

My family legend allows my original Texas grandpa went off to California in 1949 to discover gold. They heard he had made his strike and was coming back to Texas but disappeared.

Back in the 1960's I was stationed with a guy with the same last name as mine..and unusal one and most with it are cousins of some degree. But this dude was from Pa and I knew I didn't have any cousins from PA..but he did have the same family legend except his grandpa found the gold and came home..go figure..

pat houseworth said...

Well if you get to reading my stuff as I post it...first cousins getting hitched(including my great-grandparents, must be why I am nuts!), Great-Great Uncles involved in bar fight murder...Civil War heros and deserters....out of wedlock cousins(from the 1800s no less)...

Like I said, some of this stuff puts today's soaps to shame.


Mushy said...

I need to get back into my research too...haven't done much in ages, but I have quite a lot of material. Most of the work was actually done by a 2nd cousin, once removed, whatever that means, so I had a great start.

Love the real old photos. I wonder why people looked so different back then...probably because there was fast food to fill them out like we are today!