Friday, September 14, 2007



Avoided the procrastination this morning and got right after tearing the roof and wood off the top of the dog kennel...took about 2 hours of having to play ball with Reagan, and having battle with the bumble bees, and wasps(carried my trusted long range wasp killer with me, showed the little suckers who was boss)...but got it will need to figure out what to do with the debris...keep it up against the inside fence area until spring trash pick-up or get a dumpster and get rid of it before winter...decisions-decisions.

Van Wert defeated Celina 24-8 in the Jr High game I officiated last night...tomorrow I will head over to Waynesfield and do a JV contest between W-G and Lima Perry....double header Rec League on my weekend is pretty well spoken for.
[photo: the after look of the kennel(see yesterday for before photo), now need to decide what to do with the paint it]


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