Saturday, September 8, 2007

Football and Desert Moon


Ohio State defeats Akron 20-2 to move to 2 and 0. After falling behind 2-0 on an early safety, the Buckeyes survive an early shaky offense to dominated on the defensive side. Boeckman throws 2 intercepts but comes back with 2 touchdowns....sitting back and will veggie watching some games, as the rain is north and the sun is south....we are caught in the middle...flood watches(again) in the north, while we remain damp, but not soaked.

As I had mentioned last night, my alma, the hometown Bulldogs, lose another heart breaker to cross lake and arch rival St. Marys on a last second, last play of the game, 30+ yard "Hail Mary" 13-7...if not for bad luck Celina would have none.

My first Rec League games are tomorrow...the Celina Area League is comprised of Varsity and JV teams from 4 through 6 grades. The JVs play 4 quarters of 20 plays each, the Varsity play 22 per quarter...usually starts at 1PM and I'm done(we use a 2 man crew to officiate) by 5...a good workout, plus $100 per afternoon, which I use for gas, beer, and cigar money. That will keep me busy on Sundays for the next 6 to 8 weeks, depending on tournament play.


I think that's the year Dennis DeYoung(Styx) came out with this song:

I just remember seeing the video when I returned from broadcasting a high school football one September Friday night....watched "Miami Vice" then after the news NBC would run an hour of music videos(back when MTV and the networks actually played music, not to be confused with Rap Crap, videos).

This song, I liked, plus it in many ways reminded me when I returned from they time my 39 days of leave/travel time were up, I knew returning to the old home town, and the way it was, would never be the same....we all changed, those that went to the service, those that went off to college, and those that stayed home....we would never be what we were...this song and video kind of reflects that feeling.

[photos] These photos were taken on I-17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix on one of my trips to San Diego, California, always liked the view in this high mountain desert region....except one night when Sam and I took it later at night during a nasty thunderstorm on our way to Yuma....didn't get any photos that night.


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Buck Pennington said...

Nice pics, Pat!

I didn't comment on your "How Many Jobs..." post, as time was well and truly past on that one, but the thought is intriguing as all get-out. I sat here for a moment or three and tried to tally them all up but couldn't. If one excludes part-time work (and there was a LOT of that, especially my first four or six years in the USAF), I've only held three jobs in my life: USAF for 22 years, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for 14 years, and a small IT start-up firm in SFO for 2+ years. But there were lots and lots and lots of different "positions" associated with those three jobs...more than I can count! ;-)