Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Off to the VA in Columbus


Leaving in a couple hours to take brother Mike down to the VA Clinic in addition to his broken leg healing problems, he has come down with a laringentitus issue. Mike who is 60 has had health issues for the past year or so....hopefully he will get those solved before winter sets in.....I'm sure he wants to head back to Homosassa before the snow flies.

One thing about the internet, whether blogging or just general posting, you never want to put more information out than you want known by the cyber nuts....and let's face it...there are a bunch. That's why I don't post lots of family information other than what I feel is open to all.

Football last night and a Jr High game tomorrow up at Wayne Trace in Haviland(near by original hometown of Scott). We did get some rain last evening(first in a couple of weeks, and maybe some more today...Sam got to Phoenix on his flight to Chicago, then they cancelled one flight, my guess is, he got stuck at O'Hara last night...nothing finer than sleeping in the airports.....right?

The Family

Like I said...never want to put out much information but will drop in some old photos with descriptions in the next post.


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BRUNO said...

Yeah, ALWAYS be careful with personal info, even some of the outdated stuff!(Like I need to tell YOU all this...!)

Once had an anonymous blogger, came in from out of the blue, and wanted me to post a pic of my old dog-tags, he said, "for sentimental reasons"!

UH-UH!!! NO WAY, HO-ZAY....!!!