Sunday, September 9, 2007



Sunday...the first day of a complete NFL schedule, and the first day of the Celina Rec League Football season...officiated a JV/Varsity double header this afternoon...sitting here beat. As summer morphs into fall, football has always been a part of my life...not a great or even good player myself(unlike baseball), I've always liked the game....played it, coached it, broad casted it, and now officiate it at the lower levels.

Today's Rec scores were Celina Cubs over Ansonia 31-0 in JV action and 63-20 was the score Celina Lions over Ansonia in Varsity....not a lot of suspense in those...but the season is underway...and that is how I will spend my Sundays for the next 6 to 8 weeks(much better health wise, mentally and physically than sitting on one's butt watching pro sports).

Plenty of stories from early September football to tell...but to tell truth, I am way too wore out tonight....but will leave with this flashback.

21 years ago

___________1986 me and my buddy Nick went to the Bengals-Bears game in Cincy...this was the year after Chicago won it's last Super Bowl with the 85 Super Bowl Shuffle team....a cast of wacko kind of guys, led by Coach Ditka, QB Jim McManhon, The Refrigerator Perry, Sweetness Walter Peyton, and Steve MacMichael....I think the Bears won(but who cared?)..and it was a hot weekend of Oktoberfest(even though it was September) in Cincinnati. The temps had to be around 95 and I had press passes...I stuck Nick in the press box and headed down to the 110 degree AstroTurf at Riverfront Stadium...I managed to get some decent photographs, then Nick and I headed downtown...and proceeded to drink draft beer at the local beer gardens in the weekend celebration....damn! I think it took me 3 or 4 days to recover from that.

I hate Draft Beer!

[photo} One I took on the sidelines...Jimmy Mac the Wack, and Steve MacMichael(who would later be a goon in the WWF]

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Mushy said...

Yeah, it sounds like you hate it! 'Bout like me!