Saturday, September 22, 2007

Post #50

10:10 pm

Even surprise myself...50 posts since late July, and time is flying. Got the lawn mowed, Hal came home from Dayton for the day....actually to watch football and go to a party we will not see him until sometime tomorrow before he heads back to WSU.

Ohio State smacked down an over matched Northwestern team 58-7...defense giving up no scores(only TD by NW was a opening 2nd half kick-off return). The local Celina High School team loses Friday to head in the other direction at 0-5.

Double header Rec League games tomorrow, and the nice weather beat goes on....seems a high pressure area is stuck over us, so the rain to the west in Wisconsin and Iowa never reach here....not to worry, we will get our share come November I am sure.
Sam on his way to Pomona, was in Nebraska last I heard from him....

The Michigan Lake Years

Back in the mid 1970s Patricia and I would spend at least a weekend or two per year in the lake areas of lower Michigan. Usually around Memorial Day and then again in September before I headed back to Athens and classes at Hocking. We usually were blessed with good weather and took the "Kids", those being our Airedales Rags and Max....long before we had the real kids, Anissa, Sam, and Hal. The Airedales back then did just about everything we did....they were our constant companions, whether we dragged them along to see Patricia's folks in Wisconsin, if I headed up to North Dakota to see Jim Olson, or wherever our trips would take us...the dogs usually went along.

We would usually leave on a Friday afternoon and either end semi-primitive camping at Kneff Lake in the National Forest(about 20 miles from Grayling, Michigan), or we would choose to spend time at Higgins Lake, usually at the south State Park...not quite as rough....Higgins had showers and flush toilets, where as Kneff had the outhouses...both were great places...we even took the kids there about 15 years ago, but as luck would have it, it rained, and we headed on over to Lake Michigan.

Those days were special and I always remember them fondly.

[photos...Patricia and Rags playing ball at South Higgins.....Camping area at Kneff Lake....Me with my end of summer beard 1976 at Higgins Lake]



Mushy said...

Back when you both could stop a clock!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aaaaw, those days when we all wore cut-offs. Man, how many times did I wear those on canoe trips, where they stayed wet all friggin' trip long. We'd build a rack over the camp fire and try to dry them, and the tennis shoes that stayed wet too, and someone would always end up setting theirs on fire. Always good for a laugh.