Thursday, September 13, 2007


Temperatures around 70-75 yesterday and today with low humidity, and it looks pretty much the same(cooler Saturday) for the next week or in west central Ohio we might...might get 20 "perfect" weather days per year, we are talking temps in the 70s with abundant sunshine and low humidity...they are rare, and usually happen in the mid September to mid October range, and maybe in May....we are getting some of those days now....and I welcome them.
After putting Ol' Jack in the ground yesterday, I took a inspection of the back yard..seeing what needed to be done before winter sets in for it's 5 or 6 month visit.....Patricia and I looked at the kennel area last night and decided that we need to either fix the kennel roof or take it off completely...after taking a look at it this morning, I vote to take it down....if I can avoid the bees, wasps, and spiders, I should be able to get that done by myself in one day....that day may be tomorrow, if the spirit moves me...not sure what I'll do with the material until I can get rid of it though. After that I will paint the back of the garage, and take care of some brush work....need to get rid of some of the green...stuff has been growing like wildfire. Will do some touch up painting as well...should have done that earlier in the season....but the usual hot weather procrastination set in....but with nice temps, I can handle it this time of year(I think!)
Jr High football here in Celina tonight....picked up another game for October 4th but lost one at Coldwater(St Henry freshman short of players) for this coming Seinfeld said..."It all balances out"

Reagan in back yard this morning...just a few feet away from where Jack is buried...she senses that something is amiss/ least it appears that way....other photo...The Kennel...will remove the top and brush, get the paint out and get that done....I think our days of having an outdoor dog are over...but we have been known to take in strays that somebody doesn't want....just the way we are.

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~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sounds like wonderful weather. Still in the 90s here, but gettin' cooler at night. I'll be takin' dad to another high school game tomorrow night, if they play locally. You guys have a great weekend, and love on that dog for me.