Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Night


Not much going on here, me and the animals are "home alone", Patricia does some tutoring for a girl for an hour or so this evening.

It appears that this will be the 2nd wet football Friday in 3 weeks of the High School regular season...still humid to match. Celina plays it's cross lake rival St. Marys in the first home game for the Bulldogs(Celina) tonight....this has been a one sided series over the years...The Roughriders have had the Dogs number for the past 9 games, I believe. The Celina sports juggernaut has went down hill the past decade or so....don't look for a Celina win in this one...given St. Mary's running game, the weather will do nothing to hurt the Riders chances.
[update] Just had to put this in...Celina ties game 7-7 with 4 minutes left...St Marys hits a 34 yard pass on 4th down with no time remaining, winning 13-7, the Bulldogs have now lost 3 games by a total of 15 points..all late in games.

Sam flew through storms to Chicago early this morning on a Red Eye out of Vegas....he headed up to Detroit for Saturday softball, then picks up another RV(van) for Ft. Pierce, won't be seeing much of him...I think he will stop by later Saturday to pick up some stuff, and be on his way Sunday morning.

No game for me tomorrow, but I have a Rec League double header Sunday here in Celina....will see if the old legs hold out...I could sure feel them after last night's contest....cooler weather and more rain on the horizon.

Will try to do some lawn mowing in between showers at mom's and here tomorrow.

The Work Station
Everybody has a place they "work" at least that's my guess. A couple of years back we decided to turn a ugly butt walk-in closet into a work/computer/small closet setting. So that is where I spent an hour or so a day....hanging around the computer. In addition I pulled out the desk that had been collecting dusk at my grandmother's house in Scott...the desk is from around the 1900 era(I found items from the early 20s when I cleaned it out)...I dusted if off, thew some pledge on it, and turned that into my bill paying desk, throw in grandma's office type dresser, any that is my work place at home....lot's of mindless stuff going on here, but it looks good, and has some style/class.

[photo...the work, walk in closet turned computer desk/closet(we used an original 1923 door from the house for the new smaller closet), right side is the 1900 desk and the 1900 era office dresser...and Reagan the Airedale wondering what the heck I'm doing]


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Mushy said...

Really sharp looking office area!

We got rid of the bed in our guest room and now visitors have to stay at the local motel - right FHB!

Love the photo and the puppy!