Sunday, September 2, 2007

In Between

11:10 PM

One trip to Hershey, PA, down, one to go.....The upcoming RV show is at the Amusement Park in Chocolate City....and traffic was a the RV dropped off around 12:30 this afternoon then made the 500 mile trip home in about 9 hours. Will do the same tomorrow, drive 120 miles to Nappanee, then head east to Pennsylvania....should be done with this run by Tuesday night.

That will end my RVing until after football season...unless I help out with some Ohio or Indiana runs in a pinch

Other news.....Ohio State with local kid Todd Boeckman(from St Henry where the wife teaches) the new starting QB(Coached against Todd in baseball and also umpired some of his games, he was an all state baseball player, as well as football, and all league basketball)..Ohio State handled Youngstown State, which is more that Michigan could do against App State....anytime Michigan loses is sweet for Ohio State Buckeye fans.

My old Airedale Jack Drambuie(see August 21st post) does not look good....he appears not in pain, but the he has lost interest in most food...and I am afraid his days are numbered...he turned 11 last month, which is about all you can expect for large Oorang Airedales....I will keep an eye on him for the next couple days(after my return) and make any decisions then...always tough.....

OK, that's all....I am gonna sit down, have a beer(or two), get some sleep, and head back to Indiana in the AM...better than son Sam who has a rush job to San Benardino....2500 hundred miles in 3 days....Hey is DOT watching?
photo...House's Jack Drambuie...born August 16, 1996


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~Fathairybastard~ said...

Best wishes to the pooch. It's always ugly to have to do your duty for your best buddy. Been there, done that.