Monday, September 24, 2007

More Fishin'

Top---Dad's Blue Shark 1956...loved the Regal Beer on Tap sign, and take a look at the boat in background....they don't make them like that anymore...(2)Me with a 2 1/2 pound Snook I caught in June 1957 at the Manasota Bridge near Englewood, FL (3) Me with older brother Mike with the 95 lb Jew Fish that dad caught in December of 56 (4)Me with a couple of Red Snappers I caught off the Jetties in 1956 (5)Not sure what this big one was, but my guess is, Dad caught it, a little big for a skinny 7 year old to handle (6) and finally the Venice Jetties, this is the south Jetties, the North Jetties was accessible from Nokomis, that's where Dad caught the Jew fish and Shark


The calendar says Fall...but with 92 the forecast high today, and JV football tonight at Delphos, the weather's still summer sucker, now go out and sweat.

Seems I have spent much of my time living near water, guess that was from dad, the everyday fisherman, which I am sure drove mom nuts for most of their 27 years together until dad passed away on Christmas Eve 1972.

We moved to Venice, Florida, right on the Gulf, in the early 50s, stayed there for about 10 years and then moved back to Ohio, where we lived on Grand Lake, the largest man made lake(at that time) in the world...both were good fishing locations, although both the Gulf and the lake have been fished down over the years...and are not what they used to be.

I wasn't much of a swimmer in my early years, in fact couldn't swim a lick until Jr High School, when I finally became pretty good....but swimmer or not, I spent many hours fishing the beach, piers, and the jetties in the Venice area...then after moving north, I spent every weekend I could through High School fishing the channels and deep holes of Grand Lake in search of Crappie and Catfish.



~Fathairybastard~ said...

Cool stories dude. We lived in Bermuda in the early 60s, where I was born, but left before I could really enjoy it. Have one fleeting memory of looking out over a huge blue ocean. Took swimming lessons later at a base in Wichita Falls Texas. Dad was a golfer though, so I didn't get to go fishin' for real till much later. Love the old stories.

Mushy said...

Love the old photos - the fish, and the beer sign. Great memories for you and history for us!

GUYK said...

I have caught snook near that same bridge. The Englewood area used to be some of the best fishing in Florida..still is good but nothing like it was thirty or even twenty years ago.

Now there is just too much pressure on the fish..catch and release helps some but slob fsging types may release but they either don't care or don't know how to insure the fish can swim away. Survival rate of catch and release is just not what it should be.

At one time my company sponsored some budding pro fishing types..the tournament fishing pros. But after seeing so many fish belly up around the release points I quit..I figure that chasing the dollar by supporting tournament fishing has done a lot more to hurt the sport than help it.