Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hunting Season


Yep, September is here, the leaves start to turn, and "The Guns of Autumn" come out in the fields of western Ohio....but not anymore for me.

My dad was an avid hunter, brother Mike, was as well....I tried, actually I did try...did some pheasant hunting, squirrel and rabbit hunting, even bought Coon Dogs and took a turn at that...but just wasn't in me...don't get me wrong, I support the right of folks to bear arms, own guns(I still have a mini weapons cache), and hunt to their heart put food on the table, to trophy hunt...whatever....I just don't anymore.

I like to get out in the field, but choose to do it with a camera, fishing pole, or in the Jeep now days....just don't have the heart to do the shooting....believe me, I'm no PETA fan...I still eat meat, just don't ask me to the dirty work...plenty of others take care of that.

Spent the day "edging" the sidewalk in front of the house...but with a hand edger...not power neighbor Adrian offered his...but told him I needed to work a new muscle group, and I did...I'm sure I will feel those by morning. Temps have warmed back up into the mid 80s, so it gave me chance to pour some sweat out.

Football rules meeting in Van Wert tonight...this will give me 4 plus the State Meeting, so I will have met my requirements...but will attend at least one, I still be a rookie compared to most, even at my age, I need all the "learnin" of rules I can get.

[ around 1951 at the age of 2 with my dad's 12 gauge(brother Mike still has this gun), and a fox the old man took care of near our home in Scott, Ohio]


Mushy said...

What a terrific old photo and memory!

GUYK said...

I used to hunt a lot..but when I moved back to Florida back in 1987 I just quit..not worth the effort. I am an avid fishing type but even that is not a "avid" as it used to be..old age has caught up with me and some days I have the want to but don't have the can do..

But I do like to shoot and keep my eye in pretty good shape with a .17 cal pellet rifle and of course my trusty Red Ryder which is about as accurate as an old Army .45 automatic pistol..great at fifteen feet..

pat houseworth said...

I still collect old guns...have a couple of S&W .38s...owned by a horse thief and outlaw that was shot around my old home town....have the newspapers articles as well....also a couple of muskets...from the early 1800s..with the leather pouches and "shots" intact....but my favorite guyk is the "Red Ryder" which I posted on the blog.

GUYK said...

I don't know how old my Red Ryder is..I bought it at a yard sale about 10 years ago and it was new in the box..but it does have the wooden stock and fore grip. I take it out to plink with once in a while and I keep it loaded up just to pop a cat in the butt and keep them out of my flower gardens. It shoots pretty will put a hole in a pop can at about twenty feet so I know it stings the cats when I pop them..

My pellet gun is a single shot single pump air gun but it shoots pretty hard. It will put a three shot group I can cover with a quarter at about fifty feet..after that it starts to drop and it is Kentucky windage to hit anything..but I have knocked feathers on a damn crow at at least 100 feet..

I may get me a GOOD .17 pellet rifle one of these days just to shoot varmits..crows and armadilos and such

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Love it. Great post.