Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back From Chocolate City

Me with today's Jeep when it was newer(2002)

Me with an AF issue Jeep at Nha Trang(1969)

Wasted most of the Labor Day weekend driving back and forth from Nappanee, Indiana, to Hershey, Pennsylvania.....with gas prices on the rise(again), and me driving a couple of "gas hog"...what was I thinking?

Anyway, got back late last night(this is morning)....will be the last run until after football season(late October)....meanwhile, oldest son Sam is out in the hinterland(Nebraska heading into eastern Colorado) heading to San Bernardino with his run.....needing it to be there by Thursday he can catch his flight out of Ontario(CA) later Thursday night.

The old Jeep beat me up...driving that thing back 500 miles(plus the 120 to get the Nappanee pick-up location) across the PA Turnpike twice in one weekend is a bit more than I like anymore...the RVs are easy runs...the return trips...not as much fun(except when I hit a major snow).

The Jeep was purchased in November 2002, since that time I have put 178,000 miles(not to mention the 80 or so thousand while in tow, which doesn't show up on the Odometer), a second engine, a second rear axle, a new top, water pump, alternator and 4 sets of "heavy" tires....the A/C went a couple of years ago...but it still keeps on ticking...and I can't complain, but I still do, especially after a long return trip....for you guys, like me, that drove those old WW2 Jeeps in Nam or other military locations...the ride still hasn't gotten much better....yes, the radio is better, the A/C when working is nice, but they still have that old bounce that kills your kidneys and back.

Enough for tonight....


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Had a 91 Chgerokee for 12 years. Miss it bad. 342,000 miles on it when I traded it for the Toyota. I'll get another one day. Maybe an old Wagoneer. Love those. When I told my dad I wanted to get a Jeep, he told me that he remembered them from the war and that they were horrible, bad riding, uncomfortable, etc. He couldn't believe it when I took him for a ride. He ended up getting himself one.

pat houseworth said...

Yep, first Jeep, post Air Force, was a 1976 Cherokee Chief....that sucker could go will this wrangler, but it ain't no comfort bus....