Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Battle of the Bees


Only a few posts of late....with the great late summer/early fall weather(highs in the 65-80 range) with abundant sunshine...I've been spending my time outdoors, football officiating, working in the garage, painting the dog kennel, smoking a couple of good torpedo's, and drinking some Miller Lite...I know soon enough the Hawk will hit, the rains of November will come, and then the Christmas/New Year and winter will be here...so got to be outside while the sunshine is warm.

After my old Airedale Jack Drambuie died last week(see earlier posts), we decided to tear the roof off the kennel area behind the garage. After getting that done, I could see a small painting project was needed....so I started on that yesterday....problem with the kennel area...with the nice shade and flowers in the vicinity...a large colony of Bumble Bees took up residence years ago....now those bees used to drive the dogs nuts, but for the most part left us alone, as long as we did the same. Well that wasn't gonna happen with me painting around their little housing project which is located in and behind a large board across the back of the kennel, which acted as a hanger for the kennel roof.

Painting yesterday, it was about 70 degrees and the bees didn't really get out...a few here and there, but they left me alone for the most part...and I steered clear of them...now today was a different story, the temps had moved back up into the 80 degree range and I had to paint the trim.....the Bumbles flew about, making threats against my health...but I was armed with a can of outdoor Raid...which usually doesn't' kill the bees, but keeps them at arm's length ....major trouble began when I had finished their board and moved my ladder to the roof hangover....with one spot to go at the top...I climbed down and noticed about 200 bees lined up on the bottom of the board...no doubt mad as Hell, and escaping the paint fumes....I went in to get Sam(waiting on a RV to get serviced so he can run that to San Diego this week)...told him to watch my back, in case the bees decided to attack while I was at the top of the ladder painting that last little spot...they didn't and I didn't have to run for my life. However, I did have to clean the kennel floor area, and wasn't going to walk around there under those mad as a hornet Bumble Bees...so I got out the hose with spray attachment and sprayed the little buggers off the board....not happy, but they scattered, and I got my ladder, paint, equipment out, and the floor sprayed off.....last I looked the beers were buzzing around, wondering what happened, and no doubt looking for something or somebody to sting.....think I will avoid the area until tomorrow.....AT LEAST!

Rec League Jr Varsity football at 5...time to shower and get ready.


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Mushy said...

Don't that just make you nervous as heck! I hate working under those circumstances...I've even weary of every hole I run over with the lawnmower!