Friday, January 8, 2010

Bets Paid Off... and The Storm's Aftermath...

We ended up getting right at a half foot of lite fluffy snow yesterday and last did play havoc with roads and basketball games in the JV contest at St. Marys was postponed by the schools at 2 o'clock or so....tonight's game, a Boys contest, at Lima Central Catholic with Delphos Jefferson, is still on as I type this afternoon. Schools were delayed in our area, and cancelled further south, where they just don't handle the snow quite as well.

I got out and about yesterday after the game was cancelled...fired up the Snow Blower for the first time this season. It ran and did it's job great....I had tuned it up and the blades reworked in the fall, and the $85 service job was well worth the cost, even it I don't have to use it again this season{fat chance of that}. After getting mine done, I headed over to mom's and used the old fashion way...Shovel! And when that was done, I went to Anissa's place and scraped off their driveway and walk. This morning, I re-did it all over again...took a total of less than an hour this morning, as the blowing and drifting were not as bad as I thought it might be.

Now that the snow is done{except for some flurries and the wind blowing it around}, we can prepare for another dose of "Anti Global Warming"....chill factors below zero by morning, and a low down to the same by Sunday Morning....

Tomorrow I will drag Nick along with me to Ottawa-Glandorf High School for the triple header between O-G and Bowling Green. I will be doing the first 2 games, the freshman and JV Boys contests...that should be a great workout, and I expect to be dragging by the time the JV contest comes to an end. Once that is over, we will head the extra 20 miles north to Deshler, Ohio, and hook up with our old buddy Tom, the Horse Man, Friedly. We will hit the local watering hole, and stay at his place for the night, before heading home on Sunday.

Tom is wrapping up work at the horse barn for winter, and will head for central Florida for the remainder of the cold season and into May, before he returns....pretty sweet gig for a bachelor. He grooms and trains trotters and pacers in Ohio from May until January, and then warms up in Florida for the rest of the cold season.

Bets Paid Off_____

I need to give a "shout out" {Obama the Idiot's Favorite Greeting} to Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor for the paid off bet I received today.....My umpire and football officiating buddy Garry stopped by the house at Noon today with the fruits of our Football Pre-Season bet. Garry had bet me a case of beer of choice that Pryor would finish the season as one of the top 5 quarterbacks of all time in passing yardage for a season of Ohio State Football. Now anybody that follows OSU Football knows that the Buckeyes seldom have passing as their number #1 play option. Coach Jim Tressel is no Woody Hayes when it comes to disdaining the pass, but he's no Passin' Pete Carroll either.

Anyway, Pryor got off to a shaky start and never recovered his passing touch{if he ever had one} until the Rose Bowl win last week...Garry says he finished only 286 yards shy of #5, which shows you that Ohio State Quarterbacks have never really been that prolific most years. We will make the same bet next year...but for this season I will enjoy my "prize"...a case, 12 Blue Moon, and 12 Sam Adams Winter Larger.....Garry was going to grab a case of Guinness, if he won, so I don't feel bad about getting a couple of 12 packs of quality brew.

Tonight I will head to Lima....will be gone most of the weekend, but Lord willing, I'll be back later>>>>
Photos-To the victors go the spoils/my stash of winnings for the Pryor Bet. The Snow Blower sets after it's first workout of the season...and Terrelle Pryor goes wild against Oregon in the Rose Bowl, thankfully it wasn't enough to put him in the top 5 of all-time OSU passers for a season, and the Brew Winnings were mine.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Your beer tastes are a little more sophisticated than mine. Bud Light is good and I had a few during the game. I felt good for Pryor and the Bucks as they finally shut up their critics.

I know you're not a Tressel fan, but he can coach and recruit. This was just a good win for the Big Ten and Ohio. Go Bucks!!!

PRH....... said...

I enjoy Miller Lite in the summer months, and after umpiring a good baseball double header...but have to admit, I am into the Winter Brews during the long cold season.

My major complaint with Tressel is that he threw our local kid, Boeckman, under the bus way too early last season, and OSU never recovered...but Hell, a Rose Bowl win makes up for many sins.... :}

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I sure wish I had my Wrangler. I traded it for a Commander that my kids needed when they launched out on their own. Cold here, and we are not so well equipped, physically or psychologically, as you folks are to deal with this weather.

PRH....... said...

The Wrangler's Heat system sucks{lots of drafts} but in a pinch, it will go{with the low 4WD} through and over just about anything....

Anonymous said...

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Law and Order Teacher said...

I was at the UD game today and they had UD Hall of Fame inductees. One of your local boys and my wife's favorite player was inducted. Damon Goodwin from St. Marys went in and I remember him as one of the best shooters I've ever seen.

He made 36 straight free throws at one point and shoot over 93% from the free throw line his senior year. If they had the three point line in his day he would have easily been the leading scorer in UD history.

The 1984 team was a great one, advancing to the finals of the west regional, one game away from the Final Four. Great player and now a great coach at Capital University in Columbus. I'm an alumnus of Capital. Great memories.

PRH....... said...

Steve: Broadcast on Radio many of Damon's games in High School...they had a nice write up in the Celina paper about him and the 84 team....I couldn't believe that it's been 25 years since they made that run....happened just a month before my youngest, Hal, was born....great memories.

BRUNO said...

My "alcohol-virginity" was lost to a WHOLE-CAN of 5% A&P TUDOR store-brand beer, when I was at my first hog-butcherin'! I must've been at least 13 at the time. Dad had set his down on a still-snowy fencepost, and forgotten all about it!

So I took off with it, straight to the barn!

Took me close to two-HOURS to find my way back, even caused me to miss dinner!

Damned alcohol will do it to ya' every time...!

United Citizens Council said...

Next time maybe he'll add a bet for how many times a specific player loses his shoe.

or not.

Go Cowboys!