Friday, January 22, 2010

Vietnam Reunion Update and Perusing the Headlines

I finished up the Boys Junior High double header around 7:45 last night, my partner overbooked and didn't show up...but fortunately Ron a varsity official from Perry Township was there, and ran home picked up his uniform and we got started about 20 minutes late. Both games went smoothly in blow out wins for visiting Lima West over the home standing Perry Commodore teams. So getting out a little later than usual, I headed to the car in a steady, cold rain....when I fired up the Intrepid, the in-car thermometer read 30 degrees. It is a pretty accurate gauge, and I figured it could be an icy ride home...but as luck would have it, the roadways and streets were to remain above the air temperature, and the ice never formed on the roadways.

It continued to rain overnight, but the temperatures must have risen, because no school delays, or road problems have been noted so far this least not in Mercer County. The miserable weather however continues, we still have not seen a combined 10 minutes of sunshine in the past week or more. When I walked out to the bird feeding area this morning, the ground was slushy, muddy, and cold...that didn't stop our rag-tag band of Sparrows and a half dozen or so fat Gray Squirrels from hanging out waiting for their morning feed.
Reunion Updates____
At the end of January last year, on a brutally cold Saturday, a group of 60 former Air Force Security Police guys from the Vietnam War and wives met up at the Air Force Museum near Dayton at Wright-Patterson AFB....despite the weather and the distances traveled, we had a great time, and had guys from as far away as Florida, Upper Michigan, and Virginia.

This year I moved it back to the first weekend in March, and we are in the process of getting some ideas around and see if we can add to the festivities....March 5th through 7th are the dates, and hopefully rather that temps hovering around Zero with minus Chill Factors, we might get into say, the 30s or 40s...but in March anything from 70 degrees down to a full blown Blizzard is possible.

I'll be working on this project for much of my spare time in the next several weeks...between that and Basketball, my mind and body should get plenty of workouts...and both need it!

Today's Headlines____

Or things you won't see or read, because the left wing media has them buried or ignored, Like This: {double click}

Hummm...wonder where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass are? You can bet those racist bastards would be all over this if the victims and perps were flip flopped...or heaven forbid, it was White Students picking on/abusing Blacks.

Or how about the Tools at Air Amerika? Stick a Fork In Them:

Who would have seen this coming? (a) EVERYBODY WITH A BRAIN!!! Al Franken and the rest of far left loons were non listenable when they got started, and they finish that way...of course Franken has moved further into the sewer, by stealing a Senate Seat with his ACORN Cronies in Minnesota....

Bye-Bye Air Amerika...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...Good Riddance.

And then there's Glenn Beck making fun of Scott Brown's Victory Speech Tuesday Night, and the fallout from so-called Conservatives like Mark Levin:

Let's get serious..I'm glad Scott Brown won, but have no illusions about what he brings to the table. As far as Beck making fun of Brown, so what? Are modern Conservatives so lame that we cannot make fun of our own? Give me a freaking break. Brown's victory speech was...let's just say...Interesting:

I will say most of the speech was good...the parts about his daughters were actually funny, and worth lampooning. The milquetoast Conservatives of the world need to get a sense of far right types have no illusions about any politician. Neo-Cons like Mark Levin need to shut the Hell up and get over their luke warm support for true Conservative Ideas, he's starting to sound like Joe Liberman.

No games on the agenda for tonight, the first Friday and only Friday night I have off until the end of February...back at it at Delphos St. Johns tomorrow for a boys Junior High Double Header at 10am.

Enjoy the Weekend....back later>>>>
Photos-from top left/The Gang from our Vietnam Reunion last January at Dayton, Security Police/Air Police Shield and Vietnam Service Ribbon/Asian Philadelphia School Students protesting their abuse by Black anybody listening?/And a fat, bloated failure name Al Franken...failed on Saturday Night Live, Failed on Air Amerika Radio, and now one of many failure US American Disgrace!


United Citizens Council said...

I remember a post on the Ace of Spades blog:

Air America dead: Nobody really hardest hit.

Or something like that.

PRH....... said...

So young, only 6 years old, how tragic????


The Lonely Conservative said...

RIP Air America.

FHB said...

Friggin' liberals tryin' to explain why their ideas don't sell on radio. Shit, they've got most popular morning talk radio, and ALL TV nes, accept Fox... Which is why Fox is #1 in the ratings. MSNBC might as well be based out of the White House.