Friday, January 29, 2010

More American Heroes VS Zeroes

Winter has settled firmly back in control of the heartland....the thermometer was reading 3 above zero on the digital inside the Intrepid when I left Antwerp High School at 7:30 last night, upon completion of the double header Junior High Tournament games...clouds had rolled in this morning as I rolled out of bed just before 7...the temps remained in the single digits. We may hit the mid teens today, with little improvement until at least the early part of next week....meanwhile Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, are bracing for snow and ice, we will be spared that. As I said last week, I prefer 20 and calm, over the 40 and foggy weather we had for the previous 2 week period. Well actually I prefer 75 with light winds and sunshine, and humidity about 20%...but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

As I pulled into the driveway, after the hour drive from Antwerp, the cell phone rang, and it was mom on the other end...leaving at 9 yesterday morning, they had made it as far as Macon, Georgia, before stopping at a Quality Inn about 15 miles south of that Georgia City located on I-75 between Atlanta and the Florida State Line.....they should be in Naples before dinner tonight, if I goes well traffic wise.

Tonight and tomorrow I move back into the Boys games, with High School JV Games at Lima Bath tonight, and at Spencerville against Delphos St. Johns tomorrow....a full week and 8 games this week have made my 60 year old legs feel every bit that week less of a schedule, but it will still be topped off by 5 days of games starting Tuesday, with 3 games slated for next Saturday. With Baseball Rules Meetings starting the following week, February should fly by at a pretty good clip...all the better, we will be that much closer to warm weather.
Heroes and Zeroes_____

Awhile back I took a look at a dozen or so folks that I labeled Heroes and Zeroes, actually I think it was Heroes and Assholes, but you get the drift.....looking at recent headlines, I thought I'd throw a few names out at you, and you can decide for yourselves which category, if any, they belong in.
Samuel Alito:

The Conservative Supreme Justice was seen the other night shaking his head when our Kenyan Bred Asshole of a President(make no mistake, Obama is a Zero, Asshole, and worse, all rolled into one, in my mind) made disparaging remarks about a recent SC decision concerning Campaign Finance.

Obama of course set another new low, by going after one of the 3 branches of Government. By acting like he was above the Court(trust me Barry, you aren't above anybody, you pile of dung}, the Illinois street pimp is a common criminal in a expensive suit....Jimmy Carter must be proud, he's going down your road, peanut farmer, and hopefully, like you, Barry Soetoro will end up in the trash bin of bad Presidents.

Back to Alito....a reliable Conservative vote on the US Supreme Court...Hero or Zero?

Chris Matthews:

What can you say about this nimrod with no viewers, that might as well put on a pair of Monica Lewinski style knee pads every time he sees or hears a speech of the President? After Obummer's "Sorry State of the Union" address the other night, Matthews was heard on MSNBC saying, that "I forgot he was black for an hour"{or some other such mindless crap}...Hey Chris, here's a hint, if you can get your mind off Barack's crotch for a few minutes...The Kenyan, isn't Black...he's not only Half Assed, he's only Half Black.....but only God knows why even they would claim him...we "honkies" sure the Hell don't claim your sorry ass.

Chris Matthews, Hero or Zero? You make the call!

John "The Breck Girl" Edwards_____

Has there ever been a more vile "Pretty Boy" on the American Political scene? This child of privilege not only managed to screw around on his cancer stricken wife with a couple of common whores....he managed to pay off the mother of his "Love Child" with campaign money from his duped donors. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel any sorry for any fool stupid enough to donate money to a Politician....especially this hypocritical son of a bitch.

Well old John-Boy has finally "come clean" by admitting his fathering the kid, and his wife Elizabeth, has filed for divorce....don't get me wrong, while I don't wish ill health on her, Elizabeth was complicit on the whole stinking mess, she lied and stayed with the bastard, just for a chance for White House glory....he cheated, she looked the other way, and their lives are now in ruins.

Is there any doubt which Edwards is...Hero or Zero?

Scott Roeder____

The one name you've probably not heard of on this list, is Scott Roeder. Roeder the admitted shooter of "Doctor" George Tiller, The Baby Killer, in Kansas.

Tiller was the Ghoul that performed abortions right up to the moment of birth, all with the backing of of then Kansas Governor Kathleen our not so esteem Health and Human Services Department Secretary. Killer was let off by lawyers, judges, politicians, and feminist groups, all the time getting rich while committing mass murder of the unborn and nearly born....Roeder put an end to Tiller's personal slaughter of the innocent, last spring, by walking into Tiller's so-called Church{can't be much of one, by letting that bastard in the door, IMO}, putting a hand gun to the good doctor's forehead, and blowing his brains by the sword, die by the gun, ey' Doctor?

So the judge in the case has decided that the Jury cannot find Roeder guilty of a lesser charge, it's either First Degree Murder or nothing...Roeder has already admitted what he did, much quicker than John Edwards, for I ask you....

Scott Roeder, Hero or Zero? My guess is that God will sort both Roeder, Tiller, and the rest of us out in the end....

Back with More later on....Enjoy the weekend!

Remember: "Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, That Way There Will Be No Doubt Where You Stand"
Photos-The Last Real American Political Hero, Ronald Reagan/Sam Alito, Chris "Spaceballs" Matthews, John "Breck Girl" Edwards{wonder if he's "feeling pretty" these days, and Baby Killer Tiller's Killer, Scott Roeder, on trial in Kansas.


FHB said...

I miss Reagan!

PRH....... said...

Yep Jeff....nothing on the Horizon that seems to be even close!

United Citizens Council said...

Lets just be clear that the ruling was "campaign finance" on the surface was actually a free speech case.

When the governments lawyers tell the court that the President, Executive Branch, has the power to ban books, Kindle downloads and films (and I think we can take this logically to TV, radio and the internet.) then it is a free speech case.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Super site weather conditions today

The Hermit said...

Macon is a dangerous place, a sort of "failed state" within a state. My kids stayed there on the way up here for Christmas, and they went out to get some food. They got away from the freeway and got into Zombie Land. It was an eye opener for them.

PRH....... said...

When we lived in south Florida, back in the 1950s/early 60s, I remember as a kick traveling through Macon on our trips to and from Ohio...the place had a rotten smell to it from the factories....not so much these days, but I-75 is about as close as I want to stay near it.