Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fantasy Football and other Weekend Wanderings

In spite of the Great Global Warming scare of the 21st Century by nutjobs like Al Gore and our Illegal Kenyan Prez who has turned the White House into a Socialist Whore House...Winter is in full swing in Ohio. Temperatures are hovering around Zero this morning under a clear, cold, sky.

Rather than watch a full day of Bowl Games yesterday, I called Nick and we headed to Lima and the Allen County Fairgrounds for the monthly Gun and Knife Show. We got there about 11am and the parking lot was loaded....all four buildings were busting with people...and sellers. Not a lot of hand guns, no major dealers, but plenty of long guns and "junk"...some ammo, at about the same prices as I paid last April when I purchased the new .38 and a few boxes of shells to resupply. We stayed for a 2 hour tour, which was about enough to see all the tables, as we fought and plugged our way around the buildings....I ended up picking up a couple of holsters for the snub nose and the 5" barrel Smith and Wesson .38s.

We left and Nick wanted to stop and Sam's Club, after that hour, we stopped by The Beer Barrel at the old American Mall, and downed a couple of drafts and watched a little football, with little interest. We were back in Celina by 5 and I settled in...still not ready to watch football, or anything else on the tube.

Back to the Gun Shows this morning...this time in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'll meet up with Pearson at the Memorial Coliseum...parking is not free, and the entry is a little more expensive, but the atmosphere is better lighted, and the isles are more open....really nothing to buy, but what the Hell? This will be my last show until at least Spring. Despite the scare stories about lack of ammo, there is some to be found, and plenty of guns from private dealers on display, or at least there was in Lima...I expect the same in Fort Wayne. In my mind, folks are hording ammo{which is good}, but there is not a big, if you really are worried, buy yourself a home loader, and make your own.

Fantasy Football....I'm doing all right___

I jumped into the Bowl Mania Fantasy Football contest on ESPN.COM a few weeks back, and along with some 270 thousand other nitwits, decided to make my picks straight far 29 games and out of all of those thousands of people, the top score is 25 of 29...and thanks to picking plenty of upsets, I stand in 347th place, which places me in the 99.8%...with 21 of 29. Now 21 or 29 usually would be average or slightly above...but with the underdogs winning 20 of the first 29{4 more to go}...21 is in the elite:

And my Hoot Gibson persona is among the leaders....we will see how the final 4 games chance of winning the top prize of $2000, but I've got a shot at the top 100, especially if Texas continues the year of the underdog in the Championship Game come Thursday.

Holiday Breakdown____

Since I went on the 2000 calorie/225 carb a day diet on September 5th(in response to the pre-Diabetes2 blood work) I figured the Holidays would be the hardest part in the battle to get from 208 to 183. When we left for Wisconsin 2 weeks before Thanksgiving until the end of today{final weekend of the "Holiday Season"}, I have battled the urges to "pig out" with more or less success. On the day we left for Oconomowoc, November 12th, I weighed 192 pounds..this morning I weighted in at a total loss of 4/5th of a pound during the Christmas season...I Win! Now I can go back to losing the additional 10-12 pounds. In addition, the Blood Pressure is down significantly...from the 150/80 range to the 125/70 range. I will seek to hit the 183 goal around March 1st, and by that time I will have had a check up(sometime this month) see how things are going far I'm pleased to say the least.

Time for a quick breakfast, then off to the Gun Show....

back later>>>>

Photos-Sitting at #347 out of some 270,000 in my play it straight up group on ESPN...4 games to go in the Bowl Season. Plenty of AKs, Shotguns, and other long guns at Lima yesterday, not so many handguns....and what I wouldn't give to have the old collection of dad's from back in 1960 in Venice, Florida. That's me and Nick the Beagle on the floor....some of those guns remain in the family, but most were sold or traded long ago.


Shrinky said...

Woo-hoo, that weigh-in is sure something to be proud about at this time of the year, Pat. I just love that snowy photo up there - kinda' sums it up, huh? Have to confess I tend to wimp out when the driving conditions get scary, ad as we have lots of black ice forecast for next week, I am not looking forward to the school runs (sigh)..

Happy new year hon, to all you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the gun show was a good time. Here in Georgia, we are having fewer of them. Eastman is our big promoter, and the shows aren't drawing much attendance because everyone is so broke they can barely pay for necessities. Little left over for "nice to haves." Georgia is really broke.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Congrats on the weight loss (trying to lose some myself) and a belated happy new years!