Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Death....Overreacting to Snow in the forecast

It never ceases to amaze me these days when a forecast calls for more than an inch or 2 of snow....people flock to Wal-Mart and the grocery stores like the end of times are here to stay. Get Real!!

The forecast for western Ohio says 1 to 4 inches today, with a total snowfall of 3 to 6 excuse me folks, this ain't a Blizzard of 78 coming at us....I'm guess they might let schools out early, and it wouldn't surprise me if the area games are cancelled for tonight...I'm scheduled to be at St. Marys for a Girls WBL contest between Lima Bath and the home standing Roughriders...but I'm prepared to see it cancelled.

Yesterday I made another trip to Columbus, picking up Sam at Ohio State, then heading for the Dayton area to purchase his replacement car...a well kept 1999 Toyota Corolla, from the family of a girl that lives in the same complex as he does in C/Bus. We headed home, then Sam decides, after doing a couple of loads of clothes, to head back to Columbus, before the pending "Storm". So he is back at OSU ahead of the "White Death"

Today, not much going on...I'm off to George's to get a the Dartball League stats/standing for the beginning of the 2nd half of the season. Then wait out the snow and see if the games are cancelled....

For now I'm debating driving the, not so great in snow, Intrepid, that is warm and cozy, or taking the Jeep, which while cold and drafty, is solid as a rock on snowy roads and highways. Decisions, Decisions....

A Hint(baseball) of Spring___

Although the calender says January 7th, last night's mail gave me a smile, and a hint of the warm weather which will be here in due time. The new rule books and changes in regulations for the coming High School season were in the mail box....The Local and State Rules Meetings begin the middle of next month, and I am only 9 or 10 weeks away from our first scrimmages of the coming season. Even though Basketball is less than half way done, the thought of baseball season gives me hope than winter will be ending, sooner or later.

Frankly, other than listening to the insane things coming out of Obama's mouth and the nutjobs in Washington DC...there isn't a Hell of a lot to jot down today....maybe my brain freeze will thaw out tomorrow, and I'll be back then...or maybe later tonight, a light bulb will go off in the old noggin.

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Photos-The Snow is coming down, and looking out our landing window, it appears at this point(11am) we have a good 2 or 3 have to use the Snow Blower for the first time this season...and the Rules books and material for the coming baseball season arrived in the mail last night. Can spring be far behind? {Yes!}


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Pat, you are right on. Here in Houston where it hardley ever snows or even gets below freezing we do the same thing. Like tonight through the weekend the high is like 32 and the low around 15-26 depending on which forcast you like. This city closes when it snows. I really worry about ice on the roads, but I know better than to drive until it warms up a little. Anyhow all my best to you and yours.

BRUNO said...

The SNOW ain't bad here---about 3-inches---but the WIND is dangerously-strong! At the moment:15-degrees, with north winds 25-30. Wind-chill is---hell, I dunno!---BLUE-ASSED COLD!!! Took a piss behind the barn earlier and made the neatest ice-sculpture you could ask for!

It'll be 5-above, with those same winds, by daybreak. A low of ZERO by Saturday, with a high of a balmy 22!

Oh, but WHY can't "The Anointed One" take his finger outta my ass, and hold it towards the heavens, and put a STOP to this Global Warming???

(If I planted my tongue any firmer in my cheek, I'd break my jaw...!)

PRH....... said...

Games cancelled tonight, nasty wreck down on I-70 where a semi went across the medium and ran head on into a mini bus with some folks from the local workshop at Springfield...4 dead at least a half dozen hurt....

Zero by Saturday Night.....Global Warming, Al Gore to the rescue? :{

Jerry in Indiana said...

Glad you're enjoying the snow too. We got 5 inches here, followed by a bunch of wind to whip it into nice drifts. I fear I'm snowed in. I don't think my truck is gonna start.

How many days till spring?

PRH....... said... first baseball scrimmage is March 15th...that is my official "first day of Spring".... :)