Monday, January 18, 2010

The Media, Freeloaders, and other Sanctimonious Bastards!

The fog rolled in early Friday and has stuck around western Ohio through the weekend...looking out this morning, on this contrived Federal Holiday, it is still dreary indeed, however, most of the fog has lifted for now. Spent most of the weekend driving through the fog back and forth from basketball assignments, or working same. I also managed to watch a couple of the NFL Playoff Games...a collection, if I don't say, of the most boring, insipid, waste of time of late. What a bunch of snoozers....I've not been fond of Pro Sports of any type in the past few years. But this year's NFL and Major League Baseball seasons have cemented that mindset. Hockey? Not many games on, and I seldom see the Flyers{VS Network on occasion} and don't bother with the Boyz in da Hood{NBA}, you couldn't pay me to watch that bogus garbage...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed!
I see the news media and our narcissistic asshole in the White House have managed to turn the Earthquake in Haiti and it's victims into a political cheeerleading session for the left wing...toss your hard earned money at the problem through one of their corrupt charities of choice and be a hero. Question where the Hell that money is going and be labeled a racist{see Rush Limbaugh}. How dare we question King Barry, Bubba Clinton, or out of the closet ex-Prez GW Bush, and their motives?

The AP Reports on Haiti, for what it's worth{usually one sided and not much}:

Meanwhile closer to home, in Arizona, more freeloading illegals, lead by has been performers, say they have a right to come and steal the working tax payers of America's money, and of course get "free" Obamacare.

Linda Ronstadt? When was the last time that java the hutt look alike had a hit?
Seems all want a right to your hard earned money...without doing a damn thing but knocking on your door, or shouting in your face.

And the left wing loons in and out of the media are so afraid of Scott Brown, the Republican, winning in the Taxyertwoshits Senate Race tomorrow, they would commit voter fraud to keep the seat in Marxist hands:

Such is the wacky world on this Monday morning...the only good thing about this so called holiday...the Federal and State Bureaurats are off....that way they can not screw up anything until tomorrow at least.

Basketball this afternoon, run over to dartball after, in a battle for 1st place at Mount Carmel...Sam is home for the day to take my place as captain, and add some firepower, with me missing at least the first game for basketball. That's about it, not much else going on....

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Photos-Death and corruption continue in Earthquake ravaged Haiti/When was the last time former pop star/now a Michael Moore looking radical has-been, Linda Ronstadt, had a hit, or missed a Vegas Buffet for that matter? I'm guessing 35 years in each case. And will Scott Brown pull off the Senate upset in Massachusetts, or will ACORN and the Unions steal another election for the American Marxist Party{Democrats}?


United Citizens Council said...

lol. I must have missed the Linda Ronstadt thing. I did hear about Danny Glover saying the failure to get a climate treaty caused the quake.

Hugo Chavez thinks we're invading Haiti for their... something or other. Of course this is likely a distraction from his internal crap.

BRUNO said...

And I thought I was the ONLY one to feel like that, about Haiti!

It's a shame ya' missed the "rant" I left on Goddess'-blog, about this same subject---I'll go find it, and send ya' a copy.

And, what's with this shit I've heard over the weekend from "The Anointed One", about a "National Relief Program", for Haiti? I kinda got the "sound" of a fraction-of-a-percent, mandatory TAX out the message?

He wouldn't DARE press a TAX for such a "cause", right?

Or WOULD he?

This sonofabitch has GOT TO GO!!!

But just be careful we don't end-up with PELOSI as his replacement...!

PRH....... said...

Danny Glover Sez: "Beam me up Scotty"...what a total asswipe. Global Warming caused the Earthquake....guess we must have had Global Warming back in Biblical Days Danny...what a tool!

Bruno: Fine Minds are like fine!

BRUNO said...

"Fine minds are like fine wine!"

True! Very-true! Fine minds ARE like fine wine: They BOTH stay fresh, clean, and sweet, with a distinguishing nerve-calming effect.

That is, until ya' OPEN either one of 'em, and let all that shitty, fungus-spore-laden, "New-Beginning"-infested air from "The Anointed-One" get inside, an' spoil the whole damned cask-full...!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Good call on Ronstadt and her unbelievable irrelevance. But she was fine in her day. Although, she was with Jerry Brown? I knew then she was messed up. I do hope the other Brown wins tomorrow. My wish is that he doesn't get corrupted by the Repubs who don't really matter much. Maybe he will be the beginning of some fresh in that flatulence they call congress.

Shrinky said...

Sheesh, I feel better about ageing now I see what has happened to Linda.