Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Mocks Scott Brown's Truck...Gets Run Over in Massachusetts

The cloudy, cold, and foggy, weather continues...some rain, freezing rain, is in the offing for the next 48 hours....not sure if we will be above the 32 degree mark or not. It has been average temperature wise of late, but the gloom that hangs over western Ohio is not all that pleasant.

Last night I headed north to do a double header Junior High contest at Linconlnview...although both games were fairly close, it still is a chore to do that level. But I am usually willing to help good Athletic Directors out, especially if they treat me right during baseball season, by having me work some choice games.

The Massachusetts Miracle_____

The talking heads on left wing TV and the so called "leaders" of the hacks in the Democrat Party, have to be looking at their collective asses today...wondering if they still have them, after getting their backsides kicked in The Bay State last night.

Upstart Conservative{somewhat} Scott Brown pulled off the beat down of the DNC and Barack Obama last night by winning the former seat of Ted Kennedy over Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. Our half assed Prez was in the state on Sunday to add his charm to the race..."Barry" made lite of Brown by mocking the fact that the 30 year Army Veteran drives a Pick-Up Truck:

Guess Obama doesn't realize that there are a Hell of a lot of pick up truck driving Democrats...not all are Republicans.....What a self important, elite, Jackass this clown is.

Thanks to my blogging friend The Lonely Conservative for the link on her blog....anyway Ol' Barry is now 0 for 3 when stumping for major candidates in his party....Virginia, New Jersey, and now the Bluest of Blue States, Massachusetts has slipped away. Obama should be getting the message from the voters, but this egotistical, narcissistic asshole will still try to move his Marxist agenda forward. You see Barack Obama, the son of a Kansas Radical and a Kenyan Islamic, is a hater of the American people and the Republic for which they stand, like no other. The remaining months of 2010 and the elections to follow should be interesting, very interesting, to say the least.

No games tonight...think I'll sit back and savor the latest defeat of Obummer and Company, toss down a couple of Winter Lagers and maybe even fire up a good Cigar.

back later>>>>

Photos-You gotta wonder just how long King Barry will continue to wear that smug assed look on his face? Scott Brown, Massachusetts Senator- Elect, and my afternoon will probably consist of a couple of Sam Adams Winter Lagers, a cigar, and listening to a Few Classic Mysteries on XM Radio.


Harry J said...

Pat, after hearing Browns acceptance speach I know in my heart that the worm is turning, give us 100 more like him in the senate and this country will again be we the people...

BRUNO said...

Damn, that looks like a Macanudo there! I thought those were for wussies like ME! Are those Tabacs' wearin' ya' down??? LOL!

PRH....... said...

Bruno...It is a Macanudo, I'm usually too cheap to buy em', but my buddy Nick dropped a couple in the front seat on my Jeep...finders keepers lol! I've got a pretty good supply of Tabacs and a few off brands to last through the spring.
---- was simpler when we were back at Nha Trang...we didn't give a rat's ass about politics. War or not, 1969 was a pretty good time.

United Citizens Council said...

We do not really know much about Scott Brown yet. I would hope most of the GOP is more conservative than someone from Mass or Maine.

FHB said...

I was gonna say, love the Macanudo. That and the beer seem so relaxing right now. Headin' back to the prison to give a test. Then it's pool night. Two or three coronas and at least one long, fat cigar.