Monday, January 11, 2010

Indisputable Facts of Life/Winter Stomps Out Global Warming!

The steady cold along with lite snow continued over the weekend....after the 6 inches of lite snow on Thursday into Friday Morning, the weekend saw some flurries, along with the cold weather...overnight temps hovering around the zero mark, while highs were in the teens and 20s. Yesterday however did see a warming sunshine, pretty unusual for a January day...the sun seldom seems to warm things, but yesterday appeared to be an exception.

The nation continues to be in a deep freeze, including south Florida. I remember growing up on the Gulf of Mexico city of Venice, Florida, back in the 1950s and early 60s...on occasion we would get a hard freeze, usually in the upper 20s, which would sometimes put the citrus crop in danger. Those days however, would usually warm to the 50s and 60s by mid afternoon, and seldom lasted more than a couple of days at a time. One of our kicks back then was for me and older brother Mike to grab a firecracker and set it in the front yard bird bath on School Street, light it, and blow up the ice on the top....if I were to do that today in western Ohio, our back yard bird bath would be blown up in total. No thin skin of ice in the dog dishes and outdoors these days...we have not been above freezing in quite awhile. We may however, hit the mid 30s by Thursday, but only for a day or 2. Man Made Global Warming Continues?... sure it does.

Europe is being beset by heavy snow and record cold temperatures...hope they love that Global Warming, after all, they love the socialised life over there, and fell into the climate change by man BS long ago.

The Weekend Past____

After getting my game snowed out on Thursday at St. Marys, the schedule returned to normal by Friday night...I traveled to Lima to officiate the Junior Varsity game between Lima Central Catholic and Delphos Jefferson. After a close first half LCC pulled away for a 14 point victory...the varsity contest went the same way. Saturday, Nick decided to go with me to Ottawa for a double header that I had slated at Ottawa-Glandorf High School. I was contracted to do a Freshman/JV Double Header, quite a workout was in store. Despite blowing a few calls, the games went without a major hitch, and O-G won both in rather easy fashion{the JV game was pretty close until the last couple of minutes}.

I did get a kick midway through the JV game...after a O-G player dribbled the ball on the side line, I gave the ball to Bowling I handed the ball to the BG player, some leather lung fan yelled out "terrible call, you're too damn old to be officiating" I smiled, looked into the second row, where I saw the loud mouth...about 40 years old, with 3 chins and out of shape as you could be...thinking to myself.."Yep, I'm 60 years old, 5' 11"/188 pounds, and running up and down a basketball court for 3 hours, and I'm too old. Meanwhile you sit on your fat ass, yelling insults and at 40 years old, you probably can't walk to the door without stopping for air". I looked him in the eyes, and just smiled.....

After the games, Nick and I headed north to the Corn City of Deshler, Ohio...where our old buddy Tom Friedly calls home these days, at least in the summer and fall. Tom grooms, and trains, trotters and pacers for a racing stable in Deshler, and we decided to crash there after a bite to eat and a couple of beers. Tom is set to head to Florida to winter train the nags this Wednesday, and will be there for a few months, returning some time in May.

Nick and I got an early start Sunday and headed home....the remainder of yesterday was spent watching the 2nd day of the NFL Playoffs, with the only good game of the weekend being the last...the Overtime victory by Arizona over Green Bay. With the Bengals eliminated on Saturday{glad I was working and didn't get to see that mess}, guess I'll have a rooting interest for the Cardinals, for as long as they make a run.

Indisputable facts of life{Sarcasm alert}____

While catching bits and pieces of news and viewing life in general, there are a whole bunch of morons walking around this world, and many of them are in high places and are held in high esteem.

(1) Senate Leader Harry Reid is a moron. How can anybody that is regarded as the leader in the US Senate call the President out...with the words "Negro Dialect" and Lite Skinned African American, keep his job?

Answer: Because he's a Liberal and gets a pass for his racism...just like a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, who went on to become a senior Senator from West Virginia. All Hell would have been let loose if a GOP member of Congress or a talk radio host had said those words. Hypocrites, F**king Hypocrites, are Democrats and the left, at the very least.

(2) Parents that can't stop protecting and coddling their adult children are morons. When is it time to cut the umbilical cord on Little Johnny and Jane and let them succeed or fail on their own?

Answer: Yes, you should always go to bat for your children when needed...but in the case of former NFL Player Craig James and his wife, when are you going to let your son make it on his own? He's not exactly 10 years old any more.

Craig James, now an analyst on ESPN when whining to Texas Tech University when his football playing son Adam, was allegedly locked in a closet while the team practiced. Head Coach Mike Leach, now fired, was accused to putting Adam, suffering with a concussion, into a non-windowed training room for a couple of hours....Adam went crying to mommy and daddy, and the most successful coach in Tech history was gone.

Question? Adam, an average player, could have transferred, quit the team, etc, etc. But nope, not the son of the privileged...Little Adam went running to daddy, and got the big bad coach fired...and thus pretty much ended the Texas Tech run of success, what good player would want to play in that PC mess? My question is...Why? James can name his college, his successful dad can pay his way through about any college, and I'm sure he could have ridden the bench at most. So why not 'man up', rather than go running to Big Daddy? Such is the world of parents managing their children's lives until they, the parents, die. In some cases this in necessary{trust me I know}, but this is not one of them...let Adam grow up and grow a pair, on his own, and fail/succeed on his own merits.

(3) Parents that name their kids after American Indians, are morons. What are the odds of Dakota Washington or Cheyenne O'Brien become President? You can bet, that folks that name their children Dakota, Cheyenne, or Sierra, are morons, and almost without a doubt the mother insisted on the name.

Answer...Would you vote for a kid named Dakota for President? My guess anybody with that name would change it before running for any high office...if not they lose. The same goes for parents that insist on naming their children a somewhat common name, but change the spelling to make them seem "unique"...fat chance! Here's a hint, stick to naming your offspring Sally, Bill, Ron, or Sue...makes their lives much simpler.

(4) The Global Warming Lie is losing steam____

Despite what Obama, Al Gore, and the main stream press would have you believe...the American Public is beginning to get the facts straight. There is no Global Warming, and what climate change there may be, is not getting us any warming, and is not caused by man.

Answers: Stop believing the BS thrown at you by the main stream press, especially that you get on the NBC owned Weather and History Channels. Bet you didn't know GE Owned NBC owned those far left slanted channels, did you? Yes, the History Channel has some good stuff...but stay away from the "climate change" programs...same goes for the Weather Channel, watch the local and extended forecasts, ignore the garbage about global climate change they spew out.

(5) A full 1/4th{at least} of Americans Are Morons_____

Despite the proof and knowledge that Barack Obama is not only a liar, but a full blown Marxist, a full 25% still "Strongly" approve of the way he is running{into the ground} the country...another 20% still support him in some way:

It is indisputable that those still sticking with/worshipping the Kenyan-And-Thief are Morons....

Just my biased observations on this cold Monday morning in La-La-Land, USA...Dartball tonight, basketball at Waynesfield tomorrow....

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Photos-me, this morning contemplating the meaning of my 3rd cup of coffee, and life in general. Busy basketball week, past and this coming one. Global Warming is still BS, this winter certifies that one more time. And Obama, Biden, and company are for sure bankrupting the country...and yet some fools, continue to believe.


United Citizens Council said...

Wasn't there a report that CO2 levels have not risen for 150 years? That alone puts the lie to all of this "manmade" Global Warming hysteria. It was warmer 450 years ago than it is now. Who are we to say which is the "correct" temperature?

PRH....... said...

No Proof's a lie to gain power and control. That has been the plan all along.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Good idea, but will this really work?