Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian Relief Fraud/Post Doctor Visit

Looking outside at this Noon Hour, the sunshine is gone, replaced by gray skies and fog. The temperatures remain a little above normal for now. Can't complain, we could be in the World's Worst Place, Haiti.

50,000 or more are dead, bodies rotting in the streets, and the UN and Obama have their hands out to help....I wouldn't have a problem with that, if not for the utter corruption of the rogue government on that, Haiti is near destruction, while the other half of the Island, The Dominican Republic, is doing famously...same Island, same Earthquake, so why the problems are only in Haiti? The answers are pretty simple, but the solutions are not.

Fraud is rampant...spend your hard earned cash wisely. My advice for what's it worth or not...don't sent money to either scam artists...The US or the Haitian Governments, both are run by cowards and crooks. Meanwhile the innocent folks in that world shithole called Haiti, are in a living Hell:

There are no easy answers, but my opinion is a total overthrow of the Voodoo Government on Haiti, and the jailing or execution of the so-called leaders...then let the food, water, and goods go pouring in. Just keep the Obama Administration and the Haitian Criminals the Hell out of the way.

The Post Doctor Visit____

After my visit to Doc Bergman's on Wednesday, I got the call from the office yesterday afternoon...pretty good news all the way around. Blood Pressure-Down! Weight-Down! and yesterday my Blood Sugar Hemoglobin was down from 7.0 to 6.3 since September. They say 6.0 is good and 5.5 is where all would like to to drop by this much since Labor Day, it is indeed a sign{along with the BP and Weight} that I am on the right least for now.

Tonight I head for Lima Central Catholic{same as last Friday} for a JV game between LCC and Ada, tomorrow it's back to Waynesfield for another JV Boys contest in Auglaize County, against the same Ada Bulldog team.

That will wrap it up for this short visit...enjoy the weekend, back later>>>>

Photos-The Relief efforts are going badly, and with the 72 window approaching, it probably is going to get worse...If our smug assed/half assed President wants to help, send in the Marines to control the dump, and keep his sorry hands off.


Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I hear your points, but I don't like to politicize tragedies...safest bet I think is to donate to the Red Cross or even the Bush/Clinton fund that was just set up. Btw, glad your health is going ok.

PRH....... said...

Thanks GG....politics is what it ends up being about. I just want the vast majority of the funds being doled out to get right to the folks down there that need it...I don't need to see the twin hasbeens Bush and Clinton pimping on the Tube, or that sanctimonious bastard Barry giving a "shout out" to those in need.

BRUNO said...

Don't know if I'd waste the Marines, or any other branch, on this shit-house.

I'm thinkin' in the back of my head---"Somalia, Redux."

Guess it'd make yet ANOTHER "blockbuster"-movie, with the proper left-handed "spin" on it, though...?