Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts... Real American Patriots Say "Hey Barack You Can Kiss Our Asses"

The Independent Voters in the Democratic stronghold of Massachusetts{or as I call it Tax-yer-2-shits} have spoken loud and clear tonight..."Hey Obama, you and your Health Care Fraud Suck":

Rumor has it that MSNBC hacks, Keith Oldblowaman and the Iron Dyke Rachael Madcow are considering committing twin suicide on the air tomorrow in protest...we can only hope it is true{Sarcasm Alert!}

I'm not sure what this will utimatley do to the Barack Soetoro Obama agenda in the long run...but one thing is for sure...It Can't Help!
I'm sure from his lofty position in Hell, Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy needs a drink to really, really, figure out just what the Hell happened to his Old Senate Seat..."Bottoms Up Teddy">>>>>>>>>>>>

More Tomorrow...Back Later>>>
Photos-Scott Brown, Senator Elect to the Old Teddy Kennedy seat in Tax-yer-2-shits...And " Ted The Swimmer" himself, needing a double now, more than ever before!


Donald Borsch Jr. said...


It's when you say truthful things like this that I know I made the right decision to follow your blog.

You are a true patriot. And so unafraid to speak what others only can think to themselves.

Long Live the Republic.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Don...a BIG Victory tonight, but we have a long haul to go...Keep up the faith and good work!

Anonymous said...


United Citizens Council said...

I am not a huge fan of Scott Brown but he was lightyears ahead of the evil spawn Martha Coakley. This was a loud and clear message to the Democrats and to the Oministration.

I think it will be a politically bloody year ahead, but at least the GOP will now have one hand untied.

BRUNO said...

I still "reel" from Pelosi's-"promise" of "One way or the other, we WILL have healthcare!" Or somethin' like that?

How in the HELL can this be done? I mean, Government interference has ALWAYS "sucked". But, has it REALLY come to the point where they(govt.)can literally FORCE acceptance, on a program that undoubtedly will be voted DOWN, by the majority?

Maybe a lot of us "worry-warts", as pertaining to "stock-up, and prepare", really AREN'T that far "off the wall" with our right-leaning opinions, after all...???

FHB said...

Ain't it cool what one little election can do? You feel the dominos beginnin' to lean over?