Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ohio State Wins Rose Bowl 2010

Getting the Monkey off their backs...The Ohio State Buckeyes ended 3 straight BCS{Bowl Championship Series} loses last night, with a convincing 26-17 win over the Oregon Ducks. Terrelle Pryor, the overhyped quarterback finally lived up to some of his potential, and head coach Jim Tressel let him loose to run roughshod over the Oregon Defense.....The Bucks dominated in almost all areas of the go 4-3 all time in the BCS, and win their 7th Rose Bowl all time. So far the Big Ten stands at 3 up and 2 down in this years bowl contests, with Iowa and Michigan State still to go.

Make no mistake, Pryor still has a long way to go...he can't pass long, without "lobbing" the ball, and he sometimes holds on and locks onto receivers to long...but yesterday was a big step up....we will see what next year brings.

Meanwhile the Defense led the way....Ross Homan, the Junior Linebacker from our area{Coldwater}, was once again outstanding, with several tackles and a big interception just before half that resulted in 3 points to stake OSU to a 16-10 halftime lead.

More Bowl games today...not sure how many I can watch....there is only so much sitting one can do with eyes glued to the tube, plus, with the Rose Bowl out of the way, who cares?.....Lima and Allen County{Ohio} have a gun show this weekend, as does Fort Wayne and Allen County{Indiana}...I know I'm heading for the show in Fort Wayne tomorrow to hook up with Rick, since we didn't have our annual Bowl Day yesterday, I may head to Lima this afternoon...but that remains to be seen...I'm not really sure what is on the agenda, or what I want to do.

With no Indiana Bowl Bash yesterday, I headed over to Nick's for a couple of cigars and sipped some cognac and brandy....I headed home just in time for the Rose Bowl kickoff, and was in the sack before the Florida Gators got done thumping Cincinnati.

The Week and Year Ahead____

Monday Patricia heads back to school, Sam who is in Chicago this weekend, will head back to classes at Ohio State, and I will resume basketball officiating, with games at Lima Perry, Antwerp, St Marys, Lima Central Catholic, and next Saturday at Ottawa-Glandorf. With 3 of those sessions being double headers, including a Freshman/JV Boys twin bill at O-G next promises to be a busy and challenging week. Dartball resumes Monday, and I'll arrive late, after the games at Perry.

2010 promises to be a make or break year for America....if the economy stays in the tank, we have a good chance of getting rid of many of the liberal assclowns in Washington DC...and hopefully destroy the Presidency of the Kenyan bastard in the White House....if for no other reason, I hope nothing improves until at least the end of the 2010 elections cycle. It might be bad in the short run, but good for the Republic in the long term. With the press running cover for Obama, don't bet the farm on anything.....The American public is still a "wake up" call away from figuring out this SOB and his Administration. Let's hope, the wake up doesn't involve more Islamic Terrorist attacks...although that is more than likely, with the White House refusing to admit they have been complacent in fighting the war on terror.
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Photos-Terrelle Pryor ran through and passed over the Oregon Ducks defense...and local{Coldwater} product, Ross Homan, led the strong Ohio defense in stuffing the Oregon running and passing game, in the 26-17 Buckeye Rose Bowl win.


Cappy said...

Way to Go Bucs!
But on the occasion of the Beercat thumping, this UC grad has to seriously ask, what if UC does get into the Big 10 with an expansion? True enough, it's reign in the Big Easy has been short, but OSU has been picking on the little guys in-state for years. The two meet up in 2012, and given a possible consistent matchup in the same league, it could be tantamount to OSU losing in-state since the first year of Warren G. Harding being in office. Any thoughts?

PRH....... said...

Wouldn't surprise me....remember in the 2002 season, the NC Season when OSU went 14-0(the only team ever to do so)...UC had them on the ropes and a dropped pass cost the Bearcats the gotta be lucky, and Ohio State was that year.

The Bearcats defense needs to tighten up....

Larry said...

Yay, Baby! Go-o-o Buckeyes! And a happy, healthy 2010 to The Houseworth Clan.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Sorry but college football is in desperate need of a playoff system, way too many bowl games and hardly anyone remembers who won what.

Anonymous said...

It will be great to watch Ohio State Buckeyes,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.