Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Projects On the Horizon....The Basement and Garage

Dartball last night...I came away with 4 for 10 to hold my average at .429, a drop of just a point from last week's .430...couple of triples and the same amount of RBIs....strange thing was, we stunk as a team, but managed to come away with 3 low scoring wins. This puts us at 4-2 and tied for 1st in the South Division in the second half of the season. Next week we face our old nemesis Mouth Carmel, who, like us, has a 4-2 2nd half record....I'll miss part of that series due to basketball, but Sam should be home for a day, due to MLK Day, and he can pick up the slack.
Basketball tonight, a Junior High double header at Waynesfield...some 35 miles to the east....then tomorrow morning it's my 6 month check up at the Doc's office in Minster. It will be interesting to see what the 20 pound weight loss over the past 4 months, has done to my BP and sugar levels. Still a ways to go on the weight loss, but the Holiday Season was not the disaster it has been in the past, as my pounds lost stayed off....now I can get back to losing the final 8 or 9 pounds, and see how things work out.Projects needing done____

Patricia and I had discussed cleaning the basement and garage of the collection of "stuff" we have accumulated over the past 30 years, since our first child was born....I'm sure anybody that has been together for more than a few years, would marvel at the amount of things, useful, and useless, they have accumulated.

We have a large deep 2 car garage...Patricia still parks her van in it during the winter months...I have room on "my half" for a vehicle, but this winter have chose to keep the Buick{with cover}, the Jeep, and the Intrepid, all outside....giving me time to take stock in what I need to get rid of, either by selling or tossing, and what to keep.

Meanwhile down in the basement, another collection awaits. The basement is unfinished...and looks today much like it did in 1923 when the First Church of God built the dwelling as a Parsonage for the Pastors that would serve it's church for the next 65 years, before they picked up stakes and built a new Church on the northwest side of Celina. We are the second owners of the old Parsonage since it was sold...purchasing it in 1995. The basement is under 80% of the house, the exception being the kitchen area, which was added in 1944....that has a large crawl space under it.

Although technically "unfinished", the basement houses my shower, a TV and Cable hookup, the Food and "survival" storage area, weight room, antiques from my Grandmother's place, and my clothes, cigars, and sports official equipment....it gets used to say the least. But it still has plenty of "stuff" that has to go. With the boys and Anissa moved out, more or less{Anissa home at least once a week, and Sam still residing here when Ohio State is out of session}...we have to figure out what to do with their "stuff" Most of Hal's is in the garage...and he can't take it to his apartment, just not enough room, meanwhile Sam's goods are in his bedroom, and the basement...so the logistics still remain to be worked out...but worked out they will be, by hook or crook.

Thus the projects that need to be taken care of before Spring has Sprung....The work in the basement has begun, the garage will wait until the ice melts....I'm not doing much in the unheated garage this time of year. Hopefully by the time Fall 2010 comes around...the photos you see, will show a lot less clutter.
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Photos-"Project Clear The Clutter"...Top-The Cigars will remain, but not sure what else will be kept in the basement and garage or sold or tossed....as you can see, much needs to be done, and many decisions to be made....Stayed Tuned!


Harry J said...

Pat you seem to be where I was about two years ago lots of rooms and no space. Today my garrage is finished as is the basement. Good luck.....

Larry said...

Although we have no children [married 26 yrs], I am aghast at all the "stuff" we've collected. Did two garage sales, but never again. We just give stuff to Goodwill or the Vet organizations a bit-at-a-time. Sell a little on craigslist too.... only a little.

Deborah Wilson said...

Don't feel bad - you should see my sister's basement! OMG! Scary!

I feel guilty as I'm typing this post because 1/4 of the 'stuff' is mine - I really should put it in storage before spring.

Then, if Connie could only keep Ron away from the yard sales......