Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fox News Hits a Home Run...The Left Goes Nuts

Another nice, sunny, near normal, temperature wise day in store here in West Central Ohio. And it looks to remain at or above normal for the next week or least the last time I checked out the extended forecast on The Weather Channel....TWC, it has now become another News Arm of the left leaning NBC Nitwit Network....This morning the channel was commenting on nothing but Haiti and the Earthquake there. While the events in Haiti are tragic, I could give a rat's ass what formerly fat Al Roker and the Weather Channel chicks think of the efforts there...Give us the damn weather, I can watch Fox News for the events in Haiti!

Speaking of Fox News...the left is going bonkers, more so than ever. Fox has landed the left's nemesis, former Gov Sarah Palin...add Palin to Glenn Beck, and the loons on the left have to be gnashing their teeth in terror. Look no farther that the morons on MSNBC and CNN. The are scared shitless of Palin, Beck, Hannity, and O'Reilly. Not only are Billy Boy, Hannity, and Beck slaughtering them in the ratings, they are truly scared to death, especially of Beck, and now their number one hated honey, Sarah Palin.

What more can a true American ask for? Except maybe the deporting of Barry Soetoro back to his homeland of Kenya? {Insert evil Sarcasm here}

Palin on Beck's TV Show_____

Glenn Beck at 5pm on Fox News last night, decided to put Sarah Palin on for the entire can only imagine the losers on the left cherry picking the quotes from that interview. The 5' 5" runt Jon {Liebowitz} Stewart, on Comedy Channel has to have his staff working overtime to find stuff...and how about screaming Chris Matthews and freaked out Keith Oldblowaman? Too bad for them, their minuscule audiences have the combined IQs of the points scored by the Cincinnati Bengals in last Sunday's playoff game, so few care{besides the stonies who watch Stewart}, what they say.

Palin came across as honest, and intelligent...something the left is neither. But the best part is, she drives the left, especially Christian Hating, Abortion Loving, Obama Worshipping, dregs of the DNC, "Bonkers". Works for me....way to go Fox, keep up the good work. The good work of keeping the left off balance.

The Rest of the Blog____

Another exciting day in store for PRH...Patricia took the Intrepid, because I promised to wash and clean out her van. Basketball, boys Junior High, at Spencerville tonight.

That is about all there is for today....damn, I'm ready for spring! But that is 9 weeks away, at least on the calender, maybe more on the weather front.
Update on Blood Sugar Hemoglobin Levels...down from 7.0 in September to 6.3 yesterday...keep up the good work they say, and I plan on it{still with a beer in hand and a good cigar on occasion of course}.

back later>>>>

Beck, Palin, and Fox News...what better way to drive the loser/Obama Kool-Aid drinking left nuts?


PRH....... said...

For tools like "Gay Preston" who don't have enough between their ears or legs to leave a link to their BS, don't bother commenting until such a time as you can handle it.

Harry J said...

Pat I am a bold fresh piece of humanity myself, I never miss my boys Bill, Hannity, and Beck...

United Citizens Council said...

The ratings for Beck and BOR were up around a million I hear. Their increase is more than MSNBC has total.


PRH....... said...

Bitter Keith Oldblowaman has to be considering suicide{we could only hope}....may Pat Robertson put a Haitian Curse on his sorry ass. :0

Law and Order Teacher said...

I watched the interview and I thought Palin did a good job. She is smart enough, contrary to popular belef, to be president, much to the chagrin of the left. Ah, you must love politics. We'll see where it all ends up.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I saw Palin's interview with O'Reilly and thought she did great, gonna watch the Palin/Beck interview on YouTube when I get a chance. Funny how FOX was already way ahead in cable news ratings and now with Sarah they're gonna go through the roof.