Friday, January 29, 2010

More American Heroes VS Zeroes

Winter has settled firmly back in control of the heartland....the thermometer was reading 3 above zero on the digital inside the Intrepid when I left Antwerp High School at 7:30 last night, upon completion of the double header Junior High Tournament games...clouds had rolled in this morning as I rolled out of bed just before 7...the temps remained in the single digits. We may hit the mid teens today, with little improvement until at least the early part of next week....meanwhile Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, are bracing for snow and ice, we will be spared that. As I said last week, I prefer 20 and calm, over the 40 and foggy weather we had for the previous 2 week period. Well actually I prefer 75 with light winds and sunshine, and humidity about 20%...but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

As I pulled into the driveway, after the hour drive from Antwerp, the cell phone rang, and it was mom on the other end...leaving at 9 yesterday morning, they had made it as far as Macon, Georgia, before stopping at a Quality Inn about 15 miles south of that Georgia City located on I-75 between Atlanta and the Florida State Line.....they should be in Naples before dinner tonight, if I goes well traffic wise.

Tonight and tomorrow I move back into the Boys games, with High School JV Games at Lima Bath tonight, and at Spencerville against Delphos St. Johns tomorrow....a full week and 8 games this week have made my 60 year old legs feel every bit that week less of a schedule, but it will still be topped off by 5 days of games starting Tuesday, with 3 games slated for next Saturday. With Baseball Rules Meetings starting the following week, February should fly by at a pretty good clip...all the better, we will be that much closer to warm weather.
Heroes and Zeroes_____

Awhile back I took a look at a dozen or so folks that I labeled Heroes and Zeroes, actually I think it was Heroes and Assholes, but you get the drift.....looking at recent headlines, I thought I'd throw a few names out at you, and you can decide for yourselves which category, if any, they belong in.
Samuel Alito:

The Conservative Supreme Justice was seen the other night shaking his head when our Kenyan Bred Asshole of a President(make no mistake, Obama is a Zero, Asshole, and worse, all rolled into one, in my mind) made disparaging remarks about a recent SC decision concerning Campaign Finance.

Obama of course set another new low, by going after one of the 3 branches of Government. By acting like he was above the Court(trust me Barry, you aren't above anybody, you pile of dung}, the Illinois street pimp is a common criminal in a expensive suit....Jimmy Carter must be proud, he's going down your road, peanut farmer, and hopefully, like you, Barry Soetoro will end up in the trash bin of bad Presidents.

Back to Alito....a reliable Conservative vote on the US Supreme Court...Hero or Zero?

Chris Matthews:

What can you say about this nimrod with no viewers, that might as well put on a pair of Monica Lewinski style knee pads every time he sees or hears a speech of the President? After Obummer's "Sorry State of the Union" address the other night, Matthews was heard on MSNBC saying, that "I forgot he was black for an hour"{or some other such mindless crap}...Hey Chris, here's a hint, if you can get your mind off Barack's crotch for a few minutes...The Kenyan, isn't Black...he's not only Half Assed, he's only Half Black.....but only God knows why even they would claim him...we "honkies" sure the Hell don't claim your sorry ass.

Chris Matthews, Hero or Zero? You make the call!

John "The Breck Girl" Edwards_____

Has there ever been a more vile "Pretty Boy" on the American Political scene? This child of privilege not only managed to screw around on his cancer stricken wife with a couple of common whores....he managed to pay off the mother of his "Love Child" with campaign money from his duped donors. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel any sorry for any fool stupid enough to donate money to a Politician....especially this hypocritical son of a bitch.

Well old John-Boy has finally "come clean" by admitting his fathering the kid, and his wife Elizabeth, has filed for divorce....don't get me wrong, while I don't wish ill health on her, Elizabeth was complicit on the whole stinking mess, she lied and stayed with the bastard, just for a chance for White House glory....he cheated, she looked the other way, and their lives are now in ruins.

Is there any doubt which Edwards is...Hero or Zero?

Scott Roeder____

The one name you've probably not heard of on this list, is Scott Roeder. Roeder the admitted shooter of "Doctor" George Tiller, The Baby Killer, in Kansas.

Tiller was the Ghoul that performed abortions right up to the moment of birth, all with the backing of of then Kansas Governor Kathleen our not so esteem Health and Human Services Department Secretary. Killer was let off by lawyers, judges, politicians, and feminist groups, all the time getting rich while committing mass murder of the unborn and nearly born....Roeder put an end to Tiller's personal slaughter of the innocent, last spring, by walking into Tiller's so-called Church{can't be much of one, by letting that bastard in the door, IMO}, putting a hand gun to the good doctor's forehead, and blowing his brains by the sword, die by the gun, ey' Doctor?

So the judge in the case has decided that the Jury cannot find Roeder guilty of a lesser charge, it's either First Degree Murder or nothing...Roeder has already admitted what he did, much quicker than John Edwards, for I ask you....

Scott Roeder, Hero or Zero? My guess is that God will sort both Roeder, Tiller, and the rest of us out in the end....

Back with More later on....Enjoy the weekend!

Remember: "Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, That Way There Will Be No Doubt Where You Stand"
Photos-The Last Real American Political Hero, Ronald Reagan/Sam Alito, Chris "Spaceballs" Matthews, John "Breck Girl" Edwards{wonder if he's "feeling pretty" these days, and Baby Killer Tiller's Killer, Scott Roeder, on trial in Kansas.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Has Returned

Not much going on....back to Antwerp tonight for a double header as part of the Junior High Tournament going on in the Green Meadows Conference.....

Mike and Mom headed south ahead of the weather this morning for Sanibel Island....he'll head back in March, Mom will stay until May...talked with Tom in Central Florida this morning, 80 degrees with rain coming in for the weekend....
Which beats this winter wonderland....back to sunshine, after the inch dusting last night, but only 16 for a high, with the cold to stick around until Sunday or beyond....

Damn! I forgot to listen to King Barry Sotoreo's Sad State of the Union Speech last night.....I have picked up bit and pieces of what the Commander and Thief had to say, but we all know when Barry opens his Pie Hole, BS and Lies come out......What freaking tools the folks that voted for this Marxist Assclown are....

Enough for today...a few "busy" items on my slate before heading north...

back later>>>>
Photos-Last Nights Lite Snow, turned into the Sunny but Cold conditions for today in West Central Ohio.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Full Baseball Schedule/Rising Blog Numbers/Obummer's Poopy Platform

A quick one hour Freshman Boys Basketball Game at Russia(Rue' She') last night, and back home....finished the night by working on the coming Baseball season schedule, and came to figure out...I have NO OPEN DATES left in the coming spring season.

The regular spring high school baseball season begins on March 29th...scrimmages begin a couple of weeks before that, and the Sectional Tournaments begin May 8th. With the exception of Good Friday April 2nd, and the Sunday's throughout the season, every game date is closed...gonna be a busy Spring, providing we don't get an over abundance of rain and/or snow. Add my tournament schedule{as yet to be completed} and the pre season scrimmages, it appears that I will have approximately 60 games this spring, including a couple of triple header Saturdays broken down this way. 50 Varsity and Varsity Tournament Contests, 9 JV games, and a Junior High game on Wednesday April 21st, to complete my schedule.
Regular readers of this blog know that I officiate 3 High School sports, Baseball, Football, and Basketball, I also used to do Soccer, but just don't have the time for that Recreational Sport work these days. Baseball has always been the favorite, and as no surprise it is the one that I am most prolific in scheduling, it is also the one that I have moved up the ego ladder as well. Football I do the entire spectrum from Youth League to Varsity games on Friday Nights...Basketball is my 3rd sport, and I enjoy it, but have little interest in doing battle with varsity coaches and leather lung fans on Friday and Saturday nights, preferring to do the lower level games from JV to Junior High. I don't see that changing, especially now that I've reached the 60s.

Make no mistake, there are egos involved in all levels for officials and of course, coaches. Basketball seems to be the most ego driven sport for varsity officials, in coaching it's a toss up between basketball and football. Not a criticism, but a honest view from my over 50 years around sports, and 40+ years playing, coaching, broadcasting, and officiating, High School Sports.

Anyhow, my favorite sport season, Baseball, is just around the corner{Rules Meetings start in 2 weeks}, and my first scrimmage is slated to being March 22nd, first regular season contest is, weather permitting, Continental at Wayne Trace in a Varsity match-up.

Viewing the Blogger Numbers____

I have been on Blogger since late July of 2007...up until last fall, my number of visitors has slowly risen from an average of 60 or so per day with page views at around 100 each day. All of a sudden, with the death of Ted Kennedy, and a photo of him fat and bloated sailing around The Vineyards, was placed on the blog, things have taken off since then....

January has over 4 1/2 days left, and I have already topped every month in this blog's history for visitors, and will top the page views before the day, the number are not earth shattering, but the improvement is noted with appreciation, that like minded folks stop by, whether on purpose, or by hitting an accidental "code word". With time left in the month, my numbers say that over 2500 have visited this month, and over 4000 pages viewed. The averages have risen to 105 visits and 165 page views per day.

Thanks to All!!!!

Hey Barry, thanks for the Sh*tty Mess you've created____

Our extreme leader and chief faces America tonight for his first State of the Union Address. Excuse me, I won't bother watching...every time this fool opens his Marxist Pie Hole, lies spew forth. Tonight he will try to convince all{and the lap dog media, except Fox and Talk Radio will agree}, that he is all for cutting spending. Liar! He will also put out the BS that he is a "Populist". Liar! I'll be getting back from my basketball games about the time Barry starts his BS, but I'll pass on watching him. I'd rather have Root and Bridge work done.

Speaking of Obama and is reported the following cartoon, sent to me by my cousin Moe in Michigan, "Poopy Obama" was drawn and created by an 8th grade girl right here in Buckeye Land....I'll check on the facts later, but regardless who came up with is right on target. "Head's Up"!!!!! And Barry, you and your left wing Lap Dogs can shut up about this being "Bush's Fault"....He's been out over a year, take the blame, you are more than eager to take any credit for your disaster of a first year in office.

Off to take care of business, with Basketball tonight...

back later>>>>>

Photos-Baseball Season is coming down the path, and my Spring Calender is full, rainouts and Sundays are the only off day I will get for 2 months. The Site Meter numbers just keep increasing...must be doing something right,or pissing a few off that they feel the need to stop by. And just where are you on the Obama Perch?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Returns/A Politician Speaks the Truth

Driving back from the Freshman game at Antwerp last night, the snow was blowing across the various highways en route, and made the travel hazardous in spots...real winter, in place of the almost 2 weeks of fog and rain had returned. I made my way to the Dartball match at St. Johns without fanfare however, in time to get swept by Mendon. I hit my first 4 times up, but the rest of the team struggled, and we went down to the team, that used to be our "whipping boys" for the 6th straight time this season.

Back in the mid 90s through early part of this decade, we had defeated Mendon 38 straight games by my Sam's short we "owned them". A few years back they finally ended that string, and knocked us out of the post season tournament...this season our team is so down that even though they have not improved that much, they still have the firepower to kick us 6 games in a row, although most have been 1 or 2 run games. Last night's scores were 5-0, 2-1, and 4-3...on a bright note, I went 5 for 9 with a RBI to move my Batting Average to .443 on the season, probably still in 2nd place in the league overall...I'll know more when I get all the stats in from the rest of the league this week.

It's been a long season, 3 more weeks to go, then the playoffs, and tournament and banquet to finish off the season before Spring.

Breaking News! An Honest Politician____It is rare indeed that any political figure ever speaks the truth, look no further than the Jackass that is slated to give the State of the Union{It sucks Barry} to the nation of lemmings tomorrow. Will you be watching King Barry? I won't...I know that son of a bitch is lying, each and every time he opens his pie hole.

It does seem however that South Carolina has an honest politician in their Republican Lt. Governor, one Andre Bauer. Of course if you happen to be a Conservative and especially a Conservative Christian, you are gonna get slammed if you dare "call them like you see them":

Like it or not, Andre Bauer hits the nail on the head. Who is breeding in large numbers these days? It sure the Hell isn't the productive working folks...they can't afford the cost. So hat's off to Bauer, an honest politician, who will without a doubt, pay the price in the media and the Politically Correct World for that honesty.

The rest of the week remains busy....if I manage to not come down with the Flu Bug that Patricia is battling, she took off early yesterday, and is home today. A Freshman game at Russia(Rue'-She) tonight, and games the rest of the week, no days off until Sunday.

back later>>>>
Photos-After 2 weeks of rain, fog, and temps in the 40s, things have returned to more "normal" January the roving band of Sparrows in the back yard battle the Squirrels and avoid the Marsh Hawk to get to the feeders. Another bad night for the Dartball team as we drop to 4 wins and 8 loses, with 6 straight defeats in the season's second half. And truth speaking South Carolina Lt. Governor, Andre Bauer...speak the truth, and catch Hell from the Media and Politically Correct hacks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Plane Crashes at Nha Trang Air Base 1969

Still no sun in the past 2 weeks now...a cold rain yesterday and now a cold front moves through. It seems more like March than January for the past couple of weeks. After yesterday reaching near 50 for a high, this week looks snowy, cloudy, and cold.

Yesterday my old radio buddy "Wulfie" and I headed to Coldwater to visit and old friend who is laid up in the Hospital with a serious infection. Kent's infection is due to the cancer fight that he is currently going through, and it appears the infection has entered where the "port" for the Chemotherapy is being administered. Kent is a pretty young man{upper 40s}, and he is in a pretty rough fight, but being the exercise freak he is, he's beating the double demons he is prayers are with him in this go.

As more normal January temperatures approach, Mom will be heading south to the Fort Myers area for the remainder of the winter....unlike the past years however, older brother Mike will be holding down the homestead, so no winterizing will be needed. It appears the temps in Florida have warmed a couple calls from old friend Tom, who headed down to train horses for the winter in Central Florida, and things have returned to the 70s and 80s for highs.

Looking back at the 1969 Crashes of Nha Trang_____

I have mentioned several times, including here:

The plane crashes that I witnessed while stationed at Nha Trang during the Vietnam being a Cop(Security Police) in the Air Force, stationed at various Air Force Bases, you invariably have witness of or secure plane crash locations...the 2 in the last part of 1969 are the ones that stick in my mind more than the others from my 4 year hitch.

The interesting thing is that I have had several comments and contacts from guys that were stationed there during the same time...they just happened to drop by this blog, either by accident or search. This past week I was contacted by a Army Vet who was stationed at our sister location, Camp McDermott, located on the perimeter of Nha Trang Air Base....Bruce Beagley contacted me, saying he had some old grainy black and white photos of the incidents. He sent those to me over the weekend, and I will share some with you today.

October 1969....Jet Goes the Wrong Way off Runway___
{photo at top of page left}

I remember it was my day off in October 1969, when a Air Force Jet Pilot crashed landed at the end of the Nha Trang Runway....I'm not sure of the real true story, but rumors were that he thought he was heading into Cam Rahn Bay, suffered combat damage, or was just landing the wrong way...what I do know are the results.

He crashed landed going the wrong way, not far from the Main Gate, being manned by a couple of fellow Law Enforcement guys with the 14th SPS, and their partner QCs from the RVN Air Force. The pilot went through the barrier fence and ended up going past the beach road that ran in front of the base before ending up in the sand. He survived, but 2 Army Troops were killed in a 1 1/2 ton{or 3/4 ton} as the Jet smashed into them....several civilians on the road were killed as well. I had seen several photos of the events, but the black and white one sent by Bruce seems to set the mood of that day.

Air Vietnam Sabotage 12/22/69_____

Air Vietnam was the Trans American airlines of it's day in South Vietnam. On a sunny hot day shortly before Christmas Day in 1969 I had received orders to transfer to Tan Son Nhut(Saigon) for the remainder of my tour...on that morning we received a call that there had been an explosion in mid air on a Air Vietnam DC 6 carrying a large number of passengers, it turns out that someone had blown a hole in the skin of the aircraft with some sort of explosive:

As the Cops and the Fire Protection guys were waiting near the runway, the plane sat down, bounced, and skidded off the end of the runway hitting a school house and parts of the shanty village located near the end of the you can see from the enclosed photos, it was a miracle that only 10 were killed on the plane, and 24 on the ground{although I have seen some reports that the numbers killed on the ground were much more than 24}.

Of the 6 months I spent at Nha Trang....these 2 events as well as the Rocket Attack on October 12, 1969, stand out as my biggest memories of my time on base. Thanks Again Bruce for the opportunity to use the photos.

The Rest of the Week____

It's gonna be a busy week Basketball tonight through Saturday night without a evening off....will see how the back and legs hold out. Plus Dartball tonight after I drive back from the Freshman game at Antwerp.

back later>>>>

Photos-Top and Left is the aftermath of the Air Force Jet after it overshot the runway and crashed on Nha Trang Beach...the other phots are from the Air Vietnam DC-6 that had a explosion in flight, landed and overshot the Nha Trang runway, finally hitting a school and out village and burning...10 were killed on the plane, and another 2 dozen on the ground...the color photo is one I took of the school in August 1969, before it was destroyed in the photo from 12/22/69...bottom is an Army Jeep that got caught in the resulting explosion, after the AV Prop Plane it the ground and burnt. The expression of the civilian women compared to the military personal is an interesting contrast.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vietnam Reunion Update and Perusing the Headlines

I finished up the Boys Junior High double header around 7:45 last night, my partner overbooked and didn't show up...but fortunately Ron a varsity official from Perry Township was there, and ran home picked up his uniform and we got started about 20 minutes late. Both games went smoothly in blow out wins for visiting Lima West over the home standing Perry Commodore teams. So getting out a little later than usual, I headed to the car in a steady, cold rain....when I fired up the Intrepid, the in-car thermometer read 30 degrees. It is a pretty accurate gauge, and I figured it could be an icy ride home...but as luck would have it, the roadways and streets were to remain above the air temperature, and the ice never formed on the roadways.

It continued to rain overnight, but the temperatures must have risen, because no school delays, or road problems have been noted so far this least not in Mercer County. The miserable weather however continues, we still have not seen a combined 10 minutes of sunshine in the past week or more. When I walked out to the bird feeding area this morning, the ground was slushy, muddy, and cold...that didn't stop our rag-tag band of Sparrows and a half dozen or so fat Gray Squirrels from hanging out waiting for their morning feed.
Reunion Updates____
At the end of January last year, on a brutally cold Saturday, a group of 60 former Air Force Security Police guys from the Vietnam War and wives met up at the Air Force Museum near Dayton at Wright-Patterson AFB....despite the weather and the distances traveled, we had a great time, and had guys from as far away as Florida, Upper Michigan, and Virginia.

This year I moved it back to the first weekend in March, and we are in the process of getting some ideas around and see if we can add to the festivities....March 5th through 7th are the dates, and hopefully rather that temps hovering around Zero with minus Chill Factors, we might get into say, the 30s or 40s...but in March anything from 70 degrees down to a full blown Blizzard is possible.

I'll be working on this project for much of my spare time in the next several weeks...between that and Basketball, my mind and body should get plenty of workouts...and both need it!

Today's Headlines____

Or things you won't see or read, because the left wing media has them buried or ignored, Like This: {double click}

Hummm...wonder where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass are? You can bet those racist bastards would be all over this if the victims and perps were flip flopped...or heaven forbid, it was White Students picking on/abusing Blacks.

Or how about the Tools at Air Amerika? Stick a Fork In Them:

Who would have seen this coming? (a) EVERYBODY WITH A BRAIN!!! Al Franken and the rest of far left loons were non listenable when they got started, and they finish that way...of course Franken has moved further into the sewer, by stealing a Senate Seat with his ACORN Cronies in Minnesota....

Bye-Bye Air Amerika...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...Good Riddance.

And then there's Glenn Beck making fun of Scott Brown's Victory Speech Tuesday Night, and the fallout from so-called Conservatives like Mark Levin:

Let's get serious..I'm glad Scott Brown won, but have no illusions about what he brings to the table. As far as Beck making fun of Brown, so what? Are modern Conservatives so lame that we cannot make fun of our own? Give me a freaking break. Brown's victory speech was...let's just say...Interesting:

I will say most of the speech was good...the parts about his daughters were actually funny, and worth lampooning. The milquetoast Conservatives of the world need to get a sense of far right types have no illusions about any politician. Neo-Cons like Mark Levin need to shut the Hell up and get over their luke warm support for true Conservative Ideas, he's starting to sound like Joe Liberman.

No games on the agenda for tonight, the first Friday and only Friday night I have off until the end of February...back at it at Delphos St. Johns tomorrow for a boys Junior High Double Header at 10am.

Enjoy the Weekend....back later>>>>
Photos-from top left/The Gang from our Vietnam Reunion last January at Dayton, Security Police/Air Police Shield and Vietnam Service Ribbon/Asian Philadelphia School Students protesting their abuse by Black anybody listening?/And a fat, bloated failure name Al Franken...failed on Saturday Night Live, Failed on Air Amerika Radio, and now one of many failure US American Disgrace!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts from the past 40 years....

On average today, January 21st, is the end of the first month of winter, and the coldest day on average in these not-so United States. You can usually begin to see some kind of turn around after today. The sun{if it ever shines again in Western Ohio} begins to give off a little more warmth, and by February, once in awhile you get a warm spell. Make no mistake, Winter has a long way to go, and I'm sure a few below zero and snow filled days are ahead of us, even in this time of the fake science promoted by a failed Divinity Student{Al Gore} and a fake President{Barack Obama}, of Global Warming. But today is a day each winter that I point to as the turn around day...and I start thinking about Spring and the coming baseball season.

40 years passing in a flash____

Sitting here trying to figure out what to type this morning, listening to XM Radio Channel from the 60's. The Sixties? Over 40 years ago since the turbulent age of the Vietnam War{my war} and the protests, hippies, sex, drugs, and the Beatles breaking up...don't let anybody tell you that time doesn't fly past you like a supersonic jet, once you hit does and it has.

When the 60s turned into the 70s, I had just been shipped from Nha Trang Air Base south to Tan Son Nhut AB at the Saigon Airport. Memories come flooding through as Mama Cass sings on the Satelite Radio feed in the back ground: "You've Gotta Make Your Own Kind of Music"
Here she is singing that song in 1969 on a You Tube Video.....

Seen there with Sammy Davis Jr, both long since gone....but the music remains.

I've always tried to live by that creed..."Live your life the way you feel you should..sure you are gonna piss off more than your share, make some enemies, step on some toes, but you know what? Screw em' if they can't handle it" I turn 61 in less than 2 months, if God is willing to put up without me for that long, and I'm not about to change now.

Despite all the trials, some successes, and similar failures, time just keeps rolling along for all of us, until it ends that is.

So from Tan Son Nhut 40 years ago, I finished up the Air Force in 72, the same year dad died..then came back to Celina, off to Wausau, Wisconsin, Kokomo, Indiana, Dodge City, Kansas, and finally back to thing has been constant, time marches on: Tracy Lawrence sings:

The past 40 years have seen Men on the Moon(1969), Wars ending, new wars beginning, one of the greatest Presidents of all(Reagan) and the worst(Carter). The computer/Internet era, the rampant rage of Political Correctness, and Radical Islam.

What will the next 40 years bring? I don't know, but I plan on checking out before that book is complete....not sure I want to be around at 100...unless I could have my health and what's left of my mind.

Basketball tonight at Lima Perry, a rare Friday off tomorrow....

Back Later>>>>
Photos-@ Tan Son Nhut January 1970/20 years ago, 1990 at Ormond Beach, Florida...the Pier is long gone, but I'm still kicking/35 years ago, me and our first Airedale, Rags at Higgins Lake, Michigan, and finally me, just a quick 10 years ago at the beginning of the new century the Summer of 2000.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Mocks Scott Brown's Truck...Gets Run Over in Massachusetts

The cloudy, cold, and foggy, weather continues...some rain, freezing rain, is in the offing for the next 48 hours....not sure if we will be above the 32 degree mark or not. It has been average temperature wise of late, but the gloom that hangs over western Ohio is not all that pleasant.

Last night I headed north to do a double header Junior High contest at Linconlnview...although both games were fairly close, it still is a chore to do that level. But I am usually willing to help good Athletic Directors out, especially if they treat me right during baseball season, by having me work some choice games.

The Massachusetts Miracle_____

The talking heads on left wing TV and the so called "leaders" of the hacks in the Democrat Party, have to be looking at their collective asses today...wondering if they still have them, after getting their backsides kicked in The Bay State last night.

Upstart Conservative{somewhat} Scott Brown pulled off the beat down of the DNC and Barack Obama last night by winning the former seat of Ted Kennedy over Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. Our half assed Prez was in the state on Sunday to add his charm to the race..."Barry" made lite of Brown by mocking the fact that the 30 year Army Veteran drives a Pick-Up Truck:

Guess Obama doesn't realize that there are a Hell of a lot of pick up truck driving Democrats...not all are Republicans.....What a self important, elite, Jackass this clown is.

Thanks to my blogging friend The Lonely Conservative for the link on her blog....anyway Ol' Barry is now 0 for 3 when stumping for major candidates in his party....Virginia, New Jersey, and now the Bluest of Blue States, Massachusetts has slipped away. Obama should be getting the message from the voters, but this egotistical, narcissistic asshole will still try to move his Marxist agenda forward. You see Barack Obama, the son of a Kansas Radical and a Kenyan Islamic, is a hater of the American people and the Republic for which they stand, like no other. The remaining months of 2010 and the elections to follow should be interesting, very interesting, to say the least.

No games tonight...think I'll sit back and savor the latest defeat of Obummer and Company, toss down a couple of Winter Lagers and maybe even fire up a good Cigar.

back later>>>>

Photos-You gotta wonder just how long King Barry will continue to wear that smug assed look on his face? Scott Brown, Massachusetts Senator- Elect, and my afternoon will probably consist of a couple of Sam Adams Winter Lagers, a cigar, and listening to a Few Classic Mysteries on XM Radio.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts... Real American Patriots Say "Hey Barack You Can Kiss Our Asses"

The Independent Voters in the Democratic stronghold of Massachusetts{or as I call it Tax-yer-2-shits} have spoken loud and clear tonight..."Hey Obama, you and your Health Care Fraud Suck":

Rumor has it that MSNBC hacks, Keith Oldblowaman and the Iron Dyke Rachael Madcow are considering committing twin suicide on the air tomorrow in protest...we can only hope it is true{Sarcasm Alert!}

I'm not sure what this will utimatley do to the Barack Soetoro Obama agenda in the long run...but one thing is for sure...It Can't Help!
I'm sure from his lofty position in Hell, Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy needs a drink to really, really, figure out just what the Hell happened to his Old Senate Seat..."Bottoms Up Teddy">>>>>>>>>>>>

More Tomorrow...Back Later>>>
Photos-Scott Brown, Senator Elect to the Old Teddy Kennedy seat in Tax-yer-2-shits...And " Ted The Swimmer" himself, needing a double now, more than ever before!

Haiti-And the Beat Goes On

Looks like Haiti will continue to be Haiti, despite the massive giving of aid by those afflicted with some sort of perverse 'White Guilt" complex:

Throwing money at a unsolvable problem seldom works....I am afraid that this will become another Solomia or worse....

Hey Barry! Here's a shout out for you, Asshole..."Give the Marines the weapons they need to protect themselves and the innocent from the Marxist roving gangs". I Wonder if they are taking odds in Vegas on how long before the first American Soldier is murdered, because they didn't have the weapons to protect themselves?

Meanwhile the always brave and heroic "Fwench" accuse the US of occupying Haiti:

Who is tougher...a New York Kindergartner or a French Sailor? My money is on the Kid from the Bronx.

The Fog Rolls On____

After basketball down at Russia(Rue-She') last night, I headed through the drizzle and fog, 45 miles to the Mount Carmel Church... Dartball was on the agenda, the battle for the south was on, and even though I made it for the start of the 2nd of 3 games...I might as well stayed on course to Celina. We got stomped 3 games to none, and only scored 5 runs in the process, to fall to 4 and 5 on the second half of the season. I did scratch out 3 hits in 6 at bats to move to .433 on the year, probably still in 2nd in the league Batting Average race. I was well behind the guy leading, and well in front of the 3rd place guy. Sam managed to get his at bats in to make him eligible for the post season tournament, then after the games he headed directly to Columbus, arriving around 11:30 last night.

The beat down we took in dartball was about the same as the visitors took in the boys Junior High at Russia last night...both the 7th and 8th games were blow out wins for the home standing Raiders. Tonight I have another JH game, this time a girls double header at Lincolnview.

Meanwhile the miserable 30 something temperatures with high levels of humidity and fog continued this morning....the talking overpaid heads at the Weather Channel and elsewhere continue to miss the boat on their slow and steady it moves towards Spring, still some 2 months away on the calender.

back later>>>>
Photos-Are the Gangs or Marines in control in Haiti? You can bet the blue helmeted limp wrists from the UN aren't. Dartball last night...a bummer for the good guys, outscored by a 24-5 count in 3 games.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Media, Freeloaders, and other Sanctimonious Bastards!

The fog rolled in early Friday and has stuck around western Ohio through the weekend...looking out this morning, on this contrived Federal Holiday, it is still dreary indeed, however, most of the fog has lifted for now. Spent most of the weekend driving through the fog back and forth from basketball assignments, or working same. I also managed to watch a couple of the NFL Playoff Games...a collection, if I don't say, of the most boring, insipid, waste of time of late. What a bunch of snoozers....I've not been fond of Pro Sports of any type in the past few years. But this year's NFL and Major League Baseball seasons have cemented that mindset. Hockey? Not many games on, and I seldom see the Flyers{VS Network on occasion} and don't bother with the Boyz in da Hood{NBA}, you couldn't pay me to watch that bogus garbage...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed!
I see the news media and our narcissistic asshole in the White House have managed to turn the Earthquake in Haiti and it's victims into a political cheeerleading session for the left wing...toss your hard earned money at the problem through one of their corrupt charities of choice and be a hero. Question where the Hell that money is going and be labeled a racist{see Rush Limbaugh}. How dare we question King Barry, Bubba Clinton, or out of the closet ex-Prez GW Bush, and their motives?

The AP Reports on Haiti, for what it's worth{usually one sided and not much}:

Meanwhile closer to home, in Arizona, more freeloading illegals, lead by has been performers, say they have a right to come and steal the working tax payers of America's money, and of course get "free" Obamacare.

Linda Ronstadt? When was the last time that java the hutt look alike had a hit?
Seems all want a right to your hard earned money...without doing a damn thing but knocking on your door, or shouting in your face.

And the left wing loons in and out of the media are so afraid of Scott Brown, the Republican, winning in the Taxyertwoshits Senate Race tomorrow, they would commit voter fraud to keep the seat in Marxist hands:

Such is the wacky world on this Monday morning...the only good thing about this so called holiday...the Federal and State Bureaurats are off....that way they can not screw up anything until tomorrow at least.

Basketball this afternoon, run over to dartball after, in a battle for 1st place at Mount Carmel...Sam is home for the day to take my place as captain, and add some firepower, with me missing at least the first game for basketball. That's about it, not much else going on....

back later>>>>
Photos-Death and corruption continue in Earthquake ravaged Haiti/When was the last time former pop star/now a Michael Moore looking radical has-been, Linda Ronstadt, had a hit, or missed a Vegas Buffet for that matter? I'm guessing 35 years in each case. And will Scott Brown pull off the Senate upset in Massachusetts, or will ACORN and the Unions steal another election for the American Marxist Party{Democrats}?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian Relief Fraud/Post Doctor Visit

Looking outside at this Noon Hour, the sunshine is gone, replaced by gray skies and fog. The temperatures remain a little above normal for now. Can't complain, we could be in the World's Worst Place, Haiti.

50,000 or more are dead, bodies rotting in the streets, and the UN and Obama have their hands out to help....I wouldn't have a problem with that, if not for the utter corruption of the rogue government on that, Haiti is near destruction, while the other half of the Island, The Dominican Republic, is doing famously...same Island, same Earthquake, so why the problems are only in Haiti? The answers are pretty simple, but the solutions are not.

Fraud is rampant...spend your hard earned cash wisely. My advice for what's it worth or not...don't sent money to either scam artists...The US or the Haitian Governments, both are run by cowards and crooks. Meanwhile the innocent folks in that world shithole called Haiti, are in a living Hell:

There are no easy answers, but my opinion is a total overthrow of the Voodoo Government on Haiti, and the jailing or execution of the so-called leaders...then let the food, water, and goods go pouring in. Just keep the Obama Administration and the Haitian Criminals the Hell out of the way.

The Post Doctor Visit____

After my visit to Doc Bergman's on Wednesday, I got the call from the office yesterday afternoon...pretty good news all the way around. Blood Pressure-Down! Weight-Down! and yesterday my Blood Sugar Hemoglobin was down from 7.0 to 6.3 since September. They say 6.0 is good and 5.5 is where all would like to to drop by this much since Labor Day, it is indeed a sign{along with the BP and Weight} that I am on the right least for now.

Tonight I head for Lima Central Catholic{same as last Friday} for a JV game between LCC and Ada, tomorrow it's back to Waynesfield for another JV Boys contest in Auglaize County, against the same Ada Bulldog team.

That will wrap it up for this short visit...enjoy the weekend, back later>>>>

Photos-The Relief efforts are going badly, and with the 72 window approaching, it probably is going to get worse...If our smug assed/half assed President wants to help, send in the Marines to control the dump, and keep his sorry hands off.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fox News Hits a Home Run...The Left Goes Nuts

Another nice, sunny, near normal, temperature wise day in store here in West Central Ohio. And it looks to remain at or above normal for the next week or least the last time I checked out the extended forecast on The Weather Channel....TWC, it has now become another News Arm of the left leaning NBC Nitwit Network....This morning the channel was commenting on nothing but Haiti and the Earthquake there. While the events in Haiti are tragic, I could give a rat's ass what formerly fat Al Roker and the Weather Channel chicks think of the efforts there...Give us the damn weather, I can watch Fox News for the events in Haiti!

Speaking of Fox News...the left is going bonkers, more so than ever. Fox has landed the left's nemesis, former Gov Sarah Palin...add Palin to Glenn Beck, and the loons on the left have to be gnashing their teeth in terror. Look no farther that the morons on MSNBC and CNN. The are scared shitless of Palin, Beck, Hannity, and O'Reilly. Not only are Billy Boy, Hannity, and Beck slaughtering them in the ratings, they are truly scared to death, especially of Beck, and now their number one hated honey, Sarah Palin.

What more can a true American ask for? Except maybe the deporting of Barry Soetoro back to his homeland of Kenya? {Insert evil Sarcasm here}

Palin on Beck's TV Show_____

Glenn Beck at 5pm on Fox News last night, decided to put Sarah Palin on for the entire can only imagine the losers on the left cherry picking the quotes from that interview. The 5' 5" runt Jon {Liebowitz} Stewart, on Comedy Channel has to have his staff working overtime to find stuff...and how about screaming Chris Matthews and freaked out Keith Oldblowaman? Too bad for them, their minuscule audiences have the combined IQs of the points scored by the Cincinnati Bengals in last Sunday's playoff game, so few care{besides the stonies who watch Stewart}, what they say.

Palin came across as honest, and intelligent...something the left is neither. But the best part is, she drives the left, especially Christian Hating, Abortion Loving, Obama Worshipping, dregs of the DNC, "Bonkers". Works for me....way to go Fox, keep up the good work. The good work of keeping the left off balance.

The Rest of the Blog____

Another exciting day in store for PRH...Patricia took the Intrepid, because I promised to wash and clean out her van. Basketball, boys Junior High, at Spencerville tonight.

That is about all there is for today....damn, I'm ready for spring! But that is 9 weeks away, at least on the calender, maybe more on the weather front.
Update on Blood Sugar Hemoglobin Levels...down from 7.0 in September to 6.3 yesterday...keep up the good work they say, and I plan on it{still with a beer in hand and a good cigar on occasion of course}.

back later>>>>

Beck, Palin, and Fox News...what better way to drive the loser/Obama Kool-Aid drinking left nuts?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from the Docs.....

The deep freeze appears to be weakening, and we may hit 30 under sunny skies today. The next week to 10 days we will see highs in the 30s towards 40, but nothing out of the ordinary. Of course anything past 48 hours in the future is subject to change at the whim of Mother Nature.

It was 10 degrees and breaking sun when I headed to Minster this morning for my 6 month checkup....I had not been back to the office since my diagnosis of possible Diabetes 2. After weighing in, my weight was down 21 pounds since July{18 since I started the D2 Diet on Labor Day}...Blood Pressure was down from an average of 155/80 to 122/75, and my pulse was a nice level 62 beats per minute resting. Doc Bergman decided I should stay on the BP Meds for now{OK by me} and then they drew blood to see how my sugar levels were....I'll know more about that tomorrow. For now, turning 61 come March, I'm pretty pleased with the results so far....time/results will tell what lays ahead.

No games tonight...last night I did a Boys JH double header, with a female official, at Waynesfield. First time I worked with Jackie...and she was up with the game, and we got out in pretty good time. Both games ended up being wins for the home teams. Tomorrow night another Junior High DH at Spencerville, Friday a return trip to Lima Central Catholic for a JV Game, and Saturday it's back to Waynesfield for another Boys JV Game.

Out to feed the Birds and Squirrels....the winter of excitement continues.

Back Later>>>>

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Projects On the Horizon....The Basement and Garage

Dartball last night...I came away with 4 for 10 to hold my average at .429, a drop of just a point from last week's .430...couple of triples and the same amount of RBIs....strange thing was, we stunk as a team, but managed to come away with 3 low scoring wins. This puts us at 4-2 and tied for 1st in the South Division in the second half of the season. Next week we face our old nemesis Mouth Carmel, who, like us, has a 4-2 2nd half record....I'll miss part of that series due to basketball, but Sam should be home for a day, due to MLK Day, and he can pick up the slack.
Basketball tonight, a Junior High double header at Waynesfield...some 35 miles to the east....then tomorrow morning it's my 6 month check up at the Doc's office in Minster. It will be interesting to see what the 20 pound weight loss over the past 4 months, has done to my BP and sugar levels. Still a ways to go on the weight loss, but the Holiday Season was not the disaster it has been in the past, as my pounds lost stayed I can get back to losing the final 8 or 9 pounds, and see how things work out.Projects needing done____

Patricia and I had discussed cleaning the basement and garage of the collection of "stuff" we have accumulated over the past 30 years, since our first child was born....I'm sure anybody that has been together for more than a few years, would marvel at the amount of things, useful, and useless, they have accumulated.

We have a large deep 2 car garage...Patricia still parks her van in it during the winter months...I have room on "my half" for a vehicle, but this winter have chose to keep the Buick{with cover}, the Jeep, and the Intrepid, all me time to take stock in what I need to get rid of, either by selling or tossing, and what to keep.

Meanwhile down in the basement, another collection awaits. The basement is unfinished...and looks today much like it did in 1923 when the First Church of God built the dwelling as a Parsonage for the Pastors that would serve it's church for the next 65 years, before they picked up stakes and built a new Church on the northwest side of Celina. We are the second owners of the old Parsonage since it was sold...purchasing it in 1995. The basement is under 80% of the house, the exception being the kitchen area, which was added in 1944....that has a large crawl space under it.

Although technically "unfinished", the basement houses my shower, a TV and Cable hookup, the Food and "survival" storage area, weight room, antiques from my Grandmother's place, and my clothes, cigars, and sports official gets used to say the least. But it still has plenty of "stuff" that has to go. With the boys and Anissa moved out, more or less{Anissa home at least once a week, and Sam still residing here when Ohio State is out of session}...we have to figure out what to do with their "stuff" Most of Hal's is in the garage...and he can't take it to his apartment, just not enough room, meanwhile Sam's goods are in his bedroom, and the the logistics still remain to be worked out...but worked out they will be, by hook or crook.

Thus the projects that need to be taken care of before Spring has Sprung....The work in the basement has begun, the garage will wait until the ice melts....I'm not doing much in the unheated garage this time of year. Hopefully by the time Fall 2010 comes around...the photos you see, will show a lot less clutter.
Back Later>>>>
Photos-"Project Clear The Clutter"...Top-The Cigars will remain, but not sure what else will be kept in the basement and garage or sold or you can see, much needs to be done, and many decisions to be made....Stayed Tuned!